So many things draw our eyes during and after a snowfall.  It was the shadows on the snow that turned my head this day.



The brilliant sun after a snowfall casts the most wonderful shadows on the snow.

And aren’t those snow sparkles fun?

They bring a smile to my face even on a zero degree morning. The sun sure helps, too!


Stay warm my friends.

Fenceline in Monochrome

For this week’s post on Monochromia, I wanted to show sunlight … it seems as if we haven’t seen alot of that this summer.



It truly was a beautiful evening.

Have you visited Monochromia yet?  Please do so soon and check out the work of photographers from around the world!

Perspective on Snow

Winter’s morning sun reflects on a length of chain typically adorned by the flowers of summer and spring.

005 006

Shiloh Christian Church

It was a gorgeous day in Shiloh, perfect for late afternoon photography, and the Shiloh Christian Church looked bright and pretty sitting up on the hill in the sunlight.


What a difference the flip of a switch makes (or actually, the tap on the keyboard).


Which one srikes your fancy?  And don’t you just love the shadows on the walls?


Soon, very soon, I’ll get to those leaves.  They’ve been neglected, but at least this year I have an excuse! 🙂

007 008

The shadows of the tree on the house caught my eye this morning,



as did the layers of leaves.


The Farm, At a Distance

This is the second of three posts that includes photographs that I took at a local farm.  The first photos were close up shots of various parts of  the red barn that sits on that property.  These shots reveal the wonderful uniqueness of  2 outbuildings that are part of the farm.  I loved the shadows that danced all over them that day.











I was heading home last evening after a long (but good) day when the shadows that appeared like stripes on the grass caught my eye.  The scene revealed evidence of the past winter, the recent flood and the coming of spring.





What a lovely way to end the work day!

Day 2 – Richmond: A Bookstore Manager’s Suspicion

After a most excellent meeting , I found myself with 4, count ’em, FOUR, hours to myself!  Amazing!

Knowing that I would have time tomorrow to look at some of Richmond’s older architecture and shop in non-chain stores, I decided to use this time to get some work done.  I located a huge bookstore complete with free wifi and delicious unsweet tea.  After purchasing the obligatory book (obligatory because I can’t ever walk into a book store and not buy at least buy one book), I sat down to work.

Sure enough, I was soon distracted by the sun shining through the big windows and on the various objects around me.  I wandered the book store for an hour or so, shooting whatever caught my eye.  I guess I attracted attention because the very nice store manager came up, introduced  himself and informed me that the store did not allow photography without corporate permission.  I explained that I was an amateur photographer and was practicing indoor shooting.  I then showed him my pictures and offered to delete.  He looked at them, was incredibly kind and said no problem – keep them.

Yeah, I’m not impressed with them either!  haha!


Nah, they aren’t that bad  … and his gracious attitude will be what I carry with me from that store (besides the mystery that I will read at night after long days in my upcoming conference).

Classroom Decorations


Casting Shadows





Plastic Wrapped Bibles

002 (2)

Through The Shade Brightly



How lucky I am to travel, explore and meet with dear friends!


What a great way to end Day 2!

What Was It About This?

The bright sun shining through and creating lovely shadows?

That same bright light revealing the very dirty window?

The tiny reflection of the flower in the glass?

The simple things in life: flowers, cards, candles, beer, plants?

Not sure … but it caught my eye so thanks for looking!