On the Road Again


A three day trip to Atlanta to see my son, with a brief stop in Greenville, SC, yielded many photos and wonderful memories.

This image is of a pre-civil war era building in Greenville. Only the shell remains and it is used as an event space.

I’ll be back to tell you about it soon, and to catch up on all of your adventures.

Misty Mountain Hop

What does a Led Zeppelin song have to do with this post?  Not much.  Just a clever title for a post with alot of misty photos 🙂


I was up and out of the cabin early both days this past weekend, enamored with the mist rising off of the river.


The Canada Geese were so vocal to one another as they swam by me.


The otters, too, were chatty and so fun to watch.  I just wish I’d had the right lens and light in order to capture a decent photo.  Yet even without photos, I can still see those 6 playful otters in my mind.


What a marvelous way to start the day.


It’s a Good Morning!

Saturday morning, the GOAs are waking, and it’s time for coffee and catch up.


This is one of my favorite mornings of the year.



Coffee – Companionship – Comfort


Decades of Friendship, Warmth and Light


Life. Is. Good.

Perspective on Snow

Winter’s morning sun reflects on a length of chain typically adorned by the flowers of summer and spring.

005 006

The Boars Head Inn

The Boars Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA, an historic hotel in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sits on the site of Terrell’s Ordinary, a modest inn where, during the 1700s, westward travelers stayed the night (these comments, and some of the next are taken from the Boars Head website).


By the 1960s, the Ordinary was but a memory and in its place was the quintessential Virginia Inn.

026 (2)

The heart of The Boar’s Head was built from the timbers of an abandoned gristmill along the banks of the Hardware River, which dated back to 1834.

013 (2)


I’m lucky enough to attend a quarterly Board Meeting for my Nurse Practitioner organization at the Boars Head, but this time, I met my parents and one of my sisters and stayed as an overnight guest as well.

Situated on over 570 acres, the Inn features beautifully renovated rooms, afternoon canapes in the tea room, and five course dining in the Old Mill Room (which showcases beams from that 150 year old grist mill).


We were still experiencing frigid temps while there, yet the geese on the frozen pond seemed to have adapted pretty well.

031 (2)

The sunrise reflecting off yet another frozen pond was an incredible way to start the day.  I’m not sure when I’ve seen colors like this.



I spent several hours learning the new camera yesterday, but that was after my time at the Boars Head Inn.  I look forward to applying some of what I have learned on my next trip back to Charlottesville.

Consider stopping in for a visit if you are near Charlottesville.  You will not be disappointed!