Shiloh Christian Church

It was a gorgeous day in Shiloh, perfect for late afternoon photography, and the Shiloh Christian Church looked bright and pretty sitting up on the hill in the sunlight.


What a difference the flip of a switch makes (or actually, the tap on the keyboard).


Which one srikes your fancy? Β And don’t you just love the shadows on the walls?

42 thoughts on “Shiloh Christian Church

  1. I so agree with Joe! Both have their own “special-ness”. The first one appeals a bit more only because I am not liking our very chilly weather and the second has a definite lack of warmth……but its own beauty! Hugs………..

  2. I love the color one best! The black and white is a little somber–completely different in the emotions it evokes. And yes, the shadows are super cool.

  3. A touch to the keyboard and the whole world changes – isn’t technology a wonderful thing!!
    The church is beautiful such an unusual shape – and the shadows are magical. Both photos evoke the coldness of the season I think [the bare tree helps set that scene – duh :-)] Personally I prefer the colour photo for the little pop of red that zings it up.

  4. It’s funny that I didn’t notice the shadows on the church in the color version. I was too busy taking in the bright blue of the sky and the red bows against the green doors. The wreaths fade into the darkness of the doors in the B&W picture. The sky looks dark. It could be ominous, portending doom. Without the splashes of bright color, the eye moves from the bottom of the photo upward.

    Amazing what a different feel they each have. I like them both for the differences!

  5. What a beautiful shot. So peaceful. There’s something about a small country church in the big ole world. Thanks for letting me know you took this. I’ll share it with Shawn.

  6. I’d have to go with the coloured photo here Laurie. Which is a little different for me because I’m usually all about the B&W. The sky is more cheerful, the white church more heavenly and the red ribbons on the wreath welcome you to the door in the colour photo. The black and white has a totally different feeling for me because of the starkness of the winter bare trees and the sky took on an almost stormy look. I wouldn’t even have guest it was the same day, funny what a little change can set forward from the eye to the brain.

    • You are so right … it was just a few moments later. Add the slightly different angle, and the change to B&W, and the whole mood changed. By the way … I took this just 30 minutes before I took that wine with ice. The light was perfect that day!

  7. It sure was LB πŸ˜€ Where as I get the feeling you could make a purse of a sows ear when it comes to photography. What I generally have to do, is take 5 dozen shots of something and I’m bound to get something I can use, LOL. Hey did you get your camera back? Maybe you’ve already said and I missed it.

    • I do have my camera but the motor needs to be replaced BUT I have a dear friend who is letting my use his very similar, slightly better camera! How lucky am I? Because of his generosity, I am able to take my time replacing my camera – which has served me well and survived the wreck.
      How you holding up under all that snow??

      • Awesome to have the friends you do and really great that he could give you a loner. It’s probably very therapeutic to look through a lens since it’s something that brings you so much joy which is then passed on to bring us so much joy πŸ˜€

        We’ve just come off a mild few days which were soaked up like crazy. 0 C feels like a heat wave after -40 C Back to some Arctic Chill for a few and then mostly mild thru the holidays which is nice for families so they can get those kids outside to burn off some of their excitement πŸ˜€ It snows like every other day still but it’s more kosher when the suns shining. xoK

  8. I love the tonality of the black and white image, since it seems to give it more character but I like the framing and composition of the color image better since it highlights the church as the primary subject matter rather than the stark nakedness of the oak tree.

    • You know, you are right about the church being the focal point in the color image. The two images, taken just moments apart, are so very different. Thanks for commenting!!

  9. The color photo is Christmassy! It pulls out all the reds and greens up against the white church. I agree with Ken C that the framing of the first one pulls focus onto the church. Just beautiful, both of them.

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  11. I’m going with the color image (although I love black and white). For one thing, it’s hard to lose the blue of that sky. And I like the little hot spots of red on the green door.

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