The Farm, At a Distance

This is the second of three posts that includes photographs that I took at a local farm.  The first photos were close up shots of various parts of  the red barn that sits on that property.  These shots reveal the wonderful uniqueness of  2 outbuildings that are part of the farm.  I loved the shadows that danced all over them that day.










6 thoughts on “The Farm, At a Distance

  1. It’s a real testament to simplicity when you photograph these time worn building. That awning is held up by simple timbered trees as posts and have probably stood there forever. I especially like too the photo of the pitchfork where you can see daylight thru the wall. Farming is so connected to the outdoors, you never really feel like you’re inside, even in a barn. I’ve always loved being in the country for those reasons. I love how your photo made me feel that again.

    • I’m so glad you feel connected to these photos. Too bad a photograph doesn’t transmit the smell of the hay, too … almost, but not quite!! 🙂

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