So many things draw our eyes during and after a snowfall.  It was the shadows on the snow that turned my head this day.



The brilliant sun after a snowfall casts the most wonderful shadows on the snow.

And aren’t those snow sparkles fun?

They bring a smile to my face even on a zero degree morning. The sun sure helps, too!


Stay warm my friends.

46 thoughts on “Snowshadows

  1. I love your post, it is a peaceful happy post making the best of the chilly blanket taking over the east coast. Snow shadows are so interesting, love those sparkles that are sprinkled through your images too. Have a great weekend!

    • So glad you liked these images, Carrie. I spent almost 5 hours on the interstate in a driving snow storm yesterday … and once I finally arrived, I had the best time taking photos in the snow 🙂

      • I have lived in Alaska for a number of years prior to where I do now…the winters there are endless and yet there is beauty in the snow like no other beauty. I am so happy to hear you are making the best of a very hard winter, bravo!

  2. I don’t miss the cold, but I do miss the beauty of the snow. You’ve captured your zero degree day with aplomb.

    And yes, capturing a hummingbird in flight is tricky business. I never tire of trying though.

    • I’m pretty sure that everyone in the Eastern part of the country is ready for spring! Just think … it won’t be long until we are all looking at photos of flowers

  3. It’s so great you were able to capture the sparkles in the first one. My fave is the second, because the shadows look like the fabric of a dress the tree is wearing. The dress is spreading out across the ballroom floor. (Can you tell part of me is still 16?)

    • Love your description of the second one, and our impressions were so similar. I’d been thinking that it looked like a lacy skirt. We must both be 16!

  4. Undisturbed snow is pretty and sparkly. I can see all the sparkles even in the shadows. Great camera work LB. I do like all that glistens in the winter, just like those old time Christmas cards. We had a giant snow wave on our garage roof for a long while, but it’s started to melt now. Maybe I liked it because it reminded me of ice-cream. The hummingbird greeting the morning sun is really warm and hopeful, love it! xo K

    • I’m so glad that the hummingbird photo has been well received … I liked it too, even though that little hummer is a metal garden ornament 🙂

  5. I’ve looking at your photos in other posts, very nice. I’m Spanish living in Barcelona and here our winters aren’t very cold, 6-7 º Celsius, of course in other cities are colder and with a lot of snow, but my city is very lucky. I’ve signed to get your future entries…..And WOW… you travel by motorbike!!!!
    Years ago I enjoyed motorbikes but… not driving myself! Regards from Barcelona, Spain.

    • For some reason I am just seeing this comment! and yes, I do ride a motorcycle! Someday soon I hope the snow will melt and I’ll be back on and riding 🙂

    • Thank you, Cecilia! I just took a quick peek at your blog and look forward to sharing it with a friend who lives in a small, lovely space. Thanks for the visit and the comment 🙂

  6. Yesterday, I guess, I wrote something about your blog, even I was speaking about the weather, I live in Barcelona, Spain, and the coldest we’ve had this winter is 6-7º Celsius. Of course in other places there is a lot of snow, but no here in my city. As well I comented about you driving motorbikes!, I like them, but not me driving…. When I was travelling in Arizona, Nevada,California…. we stay in the famous 66 route and i have a picture on a Harley! Well, regars from Barcelona.

    • Hello Rosa, thank you so much for visiting and commenting. How fun that you visited Rt 66. I have not been there yet!
      As I type, I am preparing to head to work amidst the snow from another snowfall last night. Everyone else is fed up … I still think it’s beautiful!

    • Thank you … we had another snowfall last night and as I finish my coffee before starting the process of going to work in the snow, I wish I could stay home, have more coffee, and play with the camera.

  7. I’ve never seen a metal hummingbird fly. You have great and wondrous birds on the east coast! Are your dogs made of porcelain? What happens when they wag their tails and bump into furniture? Do you have to constantly re-glue their tails back on? I remember snow, And these photos make me want to be back in it. Call me crazy. But your images really capture the brilliance of freshly fallen snow.

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