Morning in Big Stone Gap

My new husband Greg and I decided to spend the weekend near Cumberland Gap National Park, Tennessee and left out of his home town in far Southwest Virginia early this past Saturday morning.


** Note!  I scheduled this post a week ago, and completely forgot.  After a week of hype and build up, I happily woke up to snow!  Photos later 🙂 **

It was such a pleasure to have a little time at home, to get the house in order, to take care of some business details, and to visit with a few friends.  As the day progressed, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the light.








Late Afternoon


and Evening


Thanks for your patience as I share the results of playing with the light.

Perspective on Snow

Winter’s morning sun reflects on a length of chain typically adorned by the flowers of summer and spring.

005 006

Early Morning Color

It would have been nice to delay my start for home this morning, but since I had a long list of chores to accomplish, I hit the road early.


So glad I did!


Redux: Old Radford Incinerator

It’s been awhile since the morning light has prompted me stop on the way to the office.  You may remember seeing the Radford Incinerator in a previous post.  There’s just something about it that grabs my attention.


005 003

Just a few … Charleston

What a joy to be in Charleston in the spring!  Temperatures in the 70s, and the smell of Jasmine everywhere.






The Early Morning Colors of Winter

While I didn’t really want to be up and on the road to Charlottesville at 6:30 am for a professional meeting, the views and colors along the way were beautifully subtle.


As I traveled farther down the road, the sun gradually came up and the colors became brighter.


Adding a soft focus to this photo really highlighted the red.


The colors of the cows added to the palette.



But my favorite colors of the day were those found in this tranquil farm scene … the smoke from the chimney, the fog over the mountain, the barely rising sun against the brown of the trees and the white of the snow … just lovely!


What Others See When I’m Shooting

By now you know that I pull over to the side of the ride all the time on the way to work.  This morning, I was attracted by the sun barely peeking through the clouds and just had to stop.  As I was walking back to the truck, I saw what others see as I am pulled over.




Yeah … I’m silly today!

Have a good one and GO HOKIES!!!