Soon, very soon, I’ll get to those leaves. Β They’ve been neglected, but at least this year I have an excuse! πŸ™‚

007 008

The shadows of the tree on the house caught my eye this morning,



as did the layers of leaves.


30 thoughts on “Neglected

  1. I’m with dswidow! That last shot is magical. How did you do that?
    As for the leaves, Meh… they will wait a bit longer. Just take it easy for now. πŸ™‚

  2. LB, actually my yard doesn’t look any different, and I don’t have an excuse. Guess what? One of your fans is following my blog, thanks to you. Thanks for being a fan! Can’t wait til you’re back on the bike.

  3. What I see is a whole lot of house product for the winter digs of the fury friends living nearby in the forest. Honestly, you’re just being a thoughtful neighbour. I expect the sun will come up tomorrow even if the leaves continue to carpet the yard. Sometimes we should just put ourselves on TOP of the ‘to-do’ list πŸ˜€ PS, that moss could be the start of a fab Fairy Garden in a canning jar….could be a quick, mindless project. I know I get a kick out of mine πŸ˜€ xoK

    • What an excellent outlook on the piles of leaves in my yard and patio. And isn’t the moss wonderful. I live on such a wooded, shady, moist lot and I have lots of moss around.

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