Promises, Promises

The promise that sunshine and summer will arrive: Done


The promise of a short but oh so sweet 75 mile motorcycle ride to soak in that sun, and this view: Done!


The promise of getting back on the bicycle and completing 22 miles (after not having ridden more than 8 in years): Done!


The promise of a meaningful Memorial Day Service: Done!


The promise to visit all of you: Unfulfilled … Yet!


The Fullness of May is over, and it’s time to play catch up!  I promise 🙂

Fenceline in Monochrome

For this week’s post on Monochromia, I wanted to show sunlight … it seems as if we haven’t seen alot of that this summer.



It truly was a beautiful evening.

Have you visited Monochromia yet?  Please do so soon and check out the work of photographers from around the world!

Solstice Party

The longest day of the year inspires many things … photography, mass yoga gatherings, 5k races, dances, and parties.  My friends held a Solstice Party, a wonderful celebration of summer, family, and friends.

We enjoyed great food and drink in a beautiful outdoor setting.  Children played, adults laughed, and everyone danced, waving sparklers and glow sticks around with abandon.  All this and a lovely garden tour, too.

I wish I could say that I had taken photos to capture all those moments, but it’s hard to dance and shoot pics at the same time.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these, taken earlier in the evening.

021 020 017

025 050 051

038 033 023

044 043


And in the Fairy Garden, for Boomdee 🙂


Piano on Solstice

While most of the photos from the Solstice Party on Friday were taken outside, this one was shot while I was inside getting a glass of sangria.  Something about the light on the keys and the lovely wood …


More photos coming later!

The Middle of the Road

I was supposed to hit the lake with friends this evening, but threatening rain early in the day led to a reschedule.  The sun was shining brightly as I headed toward home after work, and it was still shining during a brief but beautiful rain shower.

I only had moments to get the camera out and push the shutter .  The rain was slowing down and I was – after all – stopped in the middle of the road.

Pretty cool moment, for sure!

014 - Copy