Living on the River

You’ve heard me praise the New River in previous posts, and I’ve commented about how lucky I am to live just minutes from it.  Whether floating in a kayak or tube, or riding or sitting alongside, there’s nothing like a river to sooth the spirit.


 Lately, I’ve been trying to imitate the work of some of the photographers that I follow.  If you’ve visited Ron Scubadiver‘s blog, you’ve seen his beautiful reflections.  Now, rest assured, I’m not comparing myself to him, but I thought of his work when I took these.


Colorful reflections on the river are lovely, but the image might have more depth in Black & White.  If you are a lover of B&W, I welcome you to visit our new blog Monochromia.  The blog will feature images in B&W, and is the brainchild of  Joe at The Visual Chronicle, who says “We are a collaborative group of photographers, fanatics, artists and photo nuts”.


Somehow I got to be a part of this talented group of individuals.  They are the pros; I’m, as you might guess, just along for the ride!!

Elina – Capturing Little Moments –
Robyn – Robyn Graham Photography –
Patti – Nylon Daze –
Emilio – Photos By Emilio –
Joerg – The Things They Are In Pictures –
Joe – The Visual Chronicle –
Meho – Le Mehograph – (occasional posts)

Check out the blog and in the meantime for those of you in North America, Happy 4th and Canada Day (just a bit late).

Peonies: Buds to Blooms

Unlike last year, when barely a bud was to be found, this year’s Peony bushes have been full!  As each day passed, the buds opened and the most beautiful blooms emerged. I just could not stop shooting and before I knew it, the file had grown to over 60 images.

Have no fear!  I’m only sharing some of the images, most in color, some in B&W.

The images progess from buds

_MG_5084 _MG_5035

and the ants that help the buds to open.

_MG_5021 _MG_5042 _MG_5015 _MG_5036 _MG_5033 _MG_5043

Then the blooms began to open

_MG_5012 _MG_5158 _MG_5023 _MG_5136 _MG_5051 _MG_5049 _MG_5162 _MG_5082

Even the leaves are captivating

_MG_5088 _MG_5085 _MG_5149 _MG_5161

I only wish I could somehow share the aroma of these gorgeous flowers!


Petal Love

My peony plants are incredible this year!  Each bush is full of gorgeous blooms.  I’ll soon share a series of photos, revealing the peony from bud to flower, but for today … just a little petal love.


By the way, how do you pronounce Peony?

My friend Rick and I say pee-OH-knee.  Others say PEE-ah-knee.

What do YOU think?

Reflecting on a Favorite Place

While visiting a dear friend on Saturday, I was struck by the clarity of his beautiful farmhouse reflected in the pond.



While the house and pond looked great in B&W, I had to retain Mother Nature’s colors in this final image.


February 18, 2014 Update

My blogging friend, Lynda, over at Life on the Farmlet, used the last photo as inspiration for one of her marvelous short stories! What an honor it is for me, especially because I love the way this woman writes!

Please check it out at

That Chain … Again


What is about this chain that draws my eye when I walk outside each morning?


I’m looking forward to the weekend and more studying of the new camera.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Shiloh Christian Church

It was a gorgeous day in Shiloh, perfect for late afternoon photography, and the Shiloh Christian Church looked bright and pretty sitting up on the hill in the sunlight.


What a difference the flip of a switch makes (or actually, the tap on the keyboard).


Which one srikes your fancy?  And don’t you just love the shadows on the walls?

Just Playin’ Around

This fence just drew me in, but I was unable to get too close without spooking the horses.  Since that affected the clarity of the image, I played around with editing.  Those who have followed my growth as a photographer know that I don’t do much editing.

Some B&W


 A touch of HDR


Oh so soft focus


The plan ol’ image


Southwest Virginia: Big Sky Country!

I know … you thought that Montana was Big Sky Country.  Well, we’ve got a little bit of that going on right here in Southwest Virginia, too!

055 060

You pull the bike over to take a few shots and you fall in love with the close up …


and then you marvel at the colors of the various grasses in the field.


You look up and notice how beautiful the grasses look against the clouds …


And then it hits you … you are indeed in big sky country!