The Best

That’s what Thanksgiving is to me.  The Best Holiday of the Year.


Family.   Friends.   Food.   Football.


Enjoying the traditional Bloody Mary and Mom’s braided bread while watching the  Macy’s Parade, and the National Dog Show.



No Gifts.   No Shopping.   No fighting over Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas.


Just the colors and beauty of the season.


Remembering the blessing of good health, and the opportunity to give to those less fortunate.


Cheers, and Go Hokies!

Carrying Me Along

In the same way that this little leaf got carried along by this big leaf during the storms and flooding yesterday, I feel carried by you.


My WP journey has lasted over 3 years and a big part of my happiness here has been getting to know you through visits to your blogs.  It is truly my intention to spend a lot more time virtually hanging out with you … in 35 days!  I can’t wait!

Thank you for your support and encouragement!

In Between Seasons


As I sat on the front porch making campaign calls, I couldn’t help but feel that I was halfway between the seasons of summer and fall.

Meanwhile, I’m definitely at the height of campaign season!  51 Days!

Looking forward to visiting your blogs today 🙂

Early in the Season

Here in Southwest Virginia, we are just starting to see some color in the trees and underbrush. Heck, the flowers on my patio are still going strong – lucky me!  This past weekend I was able to spend some time on the bike, and on foot, and captured just a bit of our early color.


_MG_8589-2-2 _MG_8588-2



Don’t you think that my freshly washed and waxed bike fits beautifully in with the fall colors?


After 2 months of riding in rain and on dirty roads, my sweet bike was long overdue for a clean up.

How is the seasonal change looking in your part of the world?


Soon, very soon, I’ll get to those leaves.  They’ve been neglected, but at least this year I have an excuse! 🙂

007 008

The shadows of the tree on the house caught my eye this morning,



as did the layers of leaves.


After They Fall

The ever so slight rainfall, a mild wind, and many falling leaves this morning, made for such a lovely moment.  Perhaps it was the joy of being outside and feeling better.  I very much wish that I knew how to capture that moment in words or by camera.  It was quite peaceful.


I wasn’t able to get closer so I overcropped the images, and that reduced the clarity a bit

But you know? I liked them anyway!  🙂


Cheers to all of you who visit today!