Travel: Trains and Bikes

It’s the beginning of the weekend, and while there is still one more day of work, I’m anticipating a weekend on the motorcycle.  YAY!

The images you see here are my recent contributions to Monochromia.

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If you haven’t visited Monochromia yet, please do! Photographers from around the world contribute some incredible B&W images to this blog, and several of those photographers, including me, will be meeting in NYC in October.

How cool is that?

My travels will prevent me from visiting each of you until next week.  Sending peaceful thoughts during tumultuous times.

The Cobbler’s Shop

Since I’m off to a Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners meeting in Charlottesville this morning, I thought I’d share my post from Monochromia.



My beloved boots needed repairing, and this time the job needed to be done right.  Fortunately, a third generation cobbler opened a little shop not far from my home.  I’ll share a photo of the shoes and boots on the shelves another time.  This time, it’s all about the shadows.

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Light and Shadow

Have you visited Monochromia yet? Check it out and you’ll see some of your favorite bloggers posting some incredible B&W images!


LaurieFlower (1 of 1)

My WordPress journey began as a chronicle of my life and travels on the bike.  The bigger, planned trips, and the smaller, more spontaneous ones.  As I ride along, I never know when something is going to catch my eye, and inspire me to pull over.

Sometimes I work hard to capture what I see and sometimes I get lucky and the first shot just works.  Other than conversion to B&W, this image is exactly as it was when it came out of the camera.

Let me know what you think and come visit me sometime at Life on The Bike.

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Snow Images: Work and Play

Those of you who live further north than I do are probably tired of the cold temperatures and snow, but here in Southwest Virginia, we are enjoying every snowflake.  Well, most of us are anyway.  We don’t get these big snow storms very often anymore and frankly, I miss them.  I also worry about climate change.  We’ve had too many “teasers” this year.  We hear about a storm for days ahead, schools and businesses close in anticipation and then … nothing!  This time though, it really happened!!

The following photos showcase some of the fun and the beauty from the last 48 hours.

The snow began at 1pm as predicted and I waited to finish with patients so we could close the office, allowing the staff to get home safely


Radford University (RU), early on in the storm.  It turned out that we received the largest accumulation of snow in our area in over 18 years.


Another view of RU, taken from the deck of a favorite local bar, one of only a few in our little city.


Celebrating the snow at yet another local establishment.


Do you see a theme developing?


St Albans Hospital, built in 1916


Before attacking the driveway

005 (2) 006 (2) 012

Shoveling 18 – 20 inches of snow


And the post-shoveling reward!

042 043

I dug out my 30 year old snowshoes and enjoyed a brief, humorous attempt at using them.


Early morning sunshadows on snow



And just a little rust … ’cause who doesn’t love rust?

023 025

Editorial Comment: Part of why I am able to enjoy the beauty of a snowstorm is because I did not lose power and I did not have to travel on the Interstate. What is it about all of the industries letting folks head home early at exactly the same time?  Combine that with all the drivers who insist that they are the only ones who know how to drive in the snow, yet they tailgate and speed?  We’ve all heard about Atlanta. It took one friend here in the NRV over 6 hours to travel 30 miles, and another friend in Raleigh parked under an overpass and hiked home.  Both of these situations were caused by the two variables previously mentioned. Ugh!

Other than that – I have loved every minute!!!  And I promise, it isn’t ALL about alcohol 🙂


It’s a Good Morning!

Saturday morning, the GOAs are waking, and it’s time for coffee and catch up.


This is one of my favorite mornings of the year.



Coffee – Companionship – Comfort


Decades of Friendship, Warmth and Light


Life. Is. Good.

Visiting the Twins!

My dear friend is grandmother to twins, a boy and a girl, and yes, I did capture a few really nice shots. Since I left it to the parents to share them, I thought I’d post these two photos (get it? two … one for each baby … ha!) from inside their very beautiful, almost century old home.


The muted light was awesome, and I just wish I’d had a tripod to improve the outcome.


You see what I saw though, right?


Soon, very soon, I’ll get to those leaves.  They’ve been neglected, but at least this year I have an excuse! 🙂

007 008

The shadows of the tree on the house caught my eye this morning,



as did the layers of leaves.


What’s a Wrecked Biker / Photographer to Do?

What else? Take MORE Photos From the Bed!





Meh … what can I say?  I’ll get back out there soon!!


I was heading home last evening after a long (but good) day when the shadows that appeared like stripes on the grass caught my eye.  The scene revealed evidence of the past winter, the recent flood and the coming of spring.





What a lovely way to end the work day!

What Was It About This?

The bright sun shining through and creating lovely shadows?

That same bright light revealing the very dirty window?

The tiny reflection of the flower in the glass?

The simple things in life: flowers, cards, candles, beer, plants?

Not sure … but it caught my eye so thanks for looking!