Day 2 – Richmond: A Bookstore Manager’s Suspicion

After a most excellent meeting , I found myself with 4, count ’em, FOUR, hours to myself!  Amazing!

Knowing that I would have time tomorrow to look at some of Richmond’s older architecture and shop in non-chain stores, I decided to use this time to get some work done.  I located a huge bookstore complete with free wifi and delicious unsweet tea.  After purchasing the obligatory book (obligatory because I can’t ever walk into a book store and not buy at least buy one book), I sat down to work.

Sure enough, I was soon distracted by the sun shining through the big windows and on the various objects around me.  I wandered the book store for an hour or so, shooting whatever caught my eye.  I guess I attracted attention because the very nice store manager came up, introduced  himself and informed me that the store did not allow photography without corporate permission.  I explained that I was an amateur photographer and was practicing indoor shooting.  I then showed him my pictures and offered to delete.  He looked at them, was incredibly kind and said no problem – keep them.

Yeah, I’m not impressed with them either!  haha!


Nah, they aren’t that bad  … and his gracious attitude will be what I carry with me from that store (besides the mystery that I will read at night after long days in my upcoming conference).

Classroom Decorations


Casting Shadows





Plastic Wrapped Bibles

002 (2)

Through The Shade Brightly



How lucky I am to travel, explore and meet with dear friends!


What a great way to end Day 2!

10 thoughts on “Day 2 – Richmond: A Bookstore Manager’s Suspicion

    • Oh no … B&N. I was in the far West End … not much local stuff there. Yesterday was about getting work done. Today is all about exploring, before heading a bit further south … maybe I’ll hit Fountain today!

    • Exactly! I know for sure that some of my family / friends wonder about some of the shots that I take … but photographers get it! Thanks for the comment!

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