Random Colors of Summer


I’ve so many beach photos to work through, yet I’ve been challenged to find the time to get it done.


Rather than go much longer without posting, I thought I’d share a few random shots.


Things that drew my eye,


reminded me of summer,


and lovely times at the beach.


Thanks for visiting today! I appreciate you continuing to drop by even though I don’t post as much as I used to.

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Go Hokies!

A few weeks back, some dear friends and I gathered along the river for a weekend of Gifts.  The cabin we rented was situated beside the New River, and was surrounded by trees.  The Japanese Maples were vibrant with color, and the two growing next to each other just outside the cabin door captured in nature the colors of Virginia Tech.


Chicago Maroon


Burnt Orange

IMG_9734 _MG_9895

I could not stop taking pictures of the beautiful contrast between the two colors.


People have questioned the Hokie colors, wondering why a school would choose orange and maroon.


Fans of Virginia Tech respond by saying “If God wasn’t a Hokie then why do the leaves turn orange and maroon in the fall”?


Go Hokies!!!

Early in the Season

Here in Southwest Virginia, we are just starting to see some color in the trees and underbrush. Heck, the flowers on my patio are still going strong – lucky me!  This past weekend I was able to spend some time on the bike, and on foot, and captured just a bit of our early color.


_MG_8589-2-2 _MG_8588-2



Don’t you think that my freshly washed and waxed bike fits beautifully in with the fall colors?


After 2 months of riding in rain and on dirty roads, my sweet bike was long overdue for a clean up.

How is the seasonal change looking in your part of the world?

Colorful Moments in Charlottesville

Weekend travel for other than pleasure?  Make the most of it!


Whether walking the grounds of The Boars Head Inn,

_MG_8397-2 _MG_8398-2

Or exploring the downtown walking mall,

IMG_8448-2 IMG_8453-2

Be on the lookout for the bright and the beautiful

IMG_8451 - Copy-2

and enjoy those free moments.

Local Music

The Waiting was over and the music began.  A fun mix of Blue Grass and Country.

The classic combination of fiddle,



steel guitar,




and bass,


combined with guitar and excellent vocals,


 and the evening was made for great music.



Southwest Virginia’s Crooked Road is “a place of beauty – a place of song” and all along Virginia’s Heritage Trail, musicians gather to play and celebrate the joy that is music.

Blue and White


So …. what clever name would you have given this post?


Blue and White just doesn’t quite work, does it?

020 - Copy

These photos were taken the day after our lovely big snow 2 weeks back.  The ground is clear of snow now, but the temperatures are low and the threat of snow is in the forecast.

More importantly, California is getting rain!!  Come on Mother Nature, ease that drought!

Thank you all for your visits and comments.  I’m a bit backed up in visiting everyone’s blogs … but each day I visit a few and I am confident that soon, yes SOON, life will calm a bit, and I’ll get back on track!

February 28th Update:  Some have asked about the glass structures on the fence posts.  They are antique glass insulators http://www.collectorsweekly.com/tools-and-hardware/insulators.  Insulators were originally designed to keep the wires linking telegraphs and telephones insulated from the wooden poles that held them aloft.  They peaked in the 1920s to the 1940s, are now prized collectors items.

March 4th Update:  I’d sent an email to my friend Wilson, one of the owners of these beautiful glass pieces and I was wrong about the insulators!  Even though the link that I included showed very similar pieces, the blue glass pictured “on the fence, rounded top, screw bottoms, are covers for airport runway lights”.  Wilson says “I got them at a sale at Hubbell Enterprise in C’burg. I have mostly blue, a few red. I don’t know how valuable they are; they certainly weren’t when I bought them”.


During the middle of our zero degree day, I literally ran outside in between patient appointments to capture the incredible blue sky.  As I turned around to go back inside, the colors of these leaves caught my eye.

Today … the sky just could not compare.

004 006

I Just Couldn’t Do It

Another image from that beautiful day in Shiloh (see here and here).

I specifically stopped to shoot this ramshackle structure with the idea of converting it to B&W.  I follow a few bloggers who seem to instincitvely know what works in B&W and I wanted them to know they have influenced me.


  I just couldn’t do it though … I loved the green framing, the red roof, and the blue sky, all highlighted in the setting sun, and with the addition of those shadows that I love so well.

Shiloh Christian Church

It was a gorgeous day in Shiloh, perfect for late afternoon photography, and the Shiloh Christian Church looked bright and pretty sitting up on the hill in the sunlight.


What a difference the flip of a switch makes (or actually, the tap on the keyboard).


Which one srikes your fancy?  And don’t you just love the shadows on the walls?