Perspective on Snow

Winter’s morning sun reflects on a length of chain typically adorned by the flowers of summer and spring.

005 006

36 thoughts on “Perspective on Snow

  1. I love this Laurie, I see you are getting the hang of using your new toy. The bokeh on both photos is wonderful but on the second shot it really is great with the shed in the background 😀 well done.

    • YAY!! I got Bokeh 🙂
      In reading through the comments, I am so glad folks liked the second one. It really appealed to me, but wasn’t sure how it would be received.

      • The first photo has something in the foreground (the chain) but the second photo (the chain in the upper left foreground and the shed in the lower right background) which in my opinion is a better composition, you know the rule of thirds. I found I’m too critical of my own work, as a matter of fact I replied to a comment on my blog saying I still can’t believe people like my photos so much. I have learned to go with my hunch and let the viewers decide..

  2. Laurie, I can only echo what Joe already said. 🙂

    However, I did find it fun to see that little green shed. Why? Because believe it or not, there is an almost identical little shed out in the pasture behind our house, although I’ve never seen it in the snow like this.

    Something tells me that the background in the second shot would make a beauty of a winter portrait.

  3. Without having the faintest notion of what Joe means by ‘bokeh’ I’m guessing you are getting the hang of your new camera – the focus is spot on, I’d swear you had hung that chain in front of the background picture and taken the shot!

    • Oh Pauline, I didn’t know either a few months ago!! I kept telling Joe that he was speaking a foreign language to me 🙂 I now understand that Bokeh is a Japanese word and means “blur” and in photography the esthetic quality of blurring. Lots to be found on the internet, including how to say the darn word! 🙂
      Thanks for the positive comments… I loved the light on that chain!

      • I was about to look up the word myself. Thanks for the explanation. Since I’m not a pro, I can’t comment on the technical aspects of your photo, I just know that I like the way it makes me feel.

        I too am glad you are getting the hang of your new camera. Kudos.

      • You’d never know this was a new camera. I can’t help but compare myself to you, and others, who are so skilled with the camera. I took some shots yesterday that just didn’t work, and I’ve no idea why. I guess that’s part of the learning.

    • Ha! I’ve said it was like a foreign language to me 🙂
      But I’m learning … slowly but surely! Although, and you’ll appreciate this, I was with one of my groups of gals this weekend and I couldn’t figure out how to shoot good indoor shots of girls just having fun. Patience, LB, patience!

  4. I read Joe’s message and thought to myself, “he just left my exact message”, LOL. So without being repetitive, I also liked the shed pic for the same reason. My goal with my camera is to be able to adjust the manual settings quickly and confidently to grab shot’s like you’re sharing here. I am FAR from being able to do it, so BRAVO lb.

    • Oh gosh, me too! I have such a long way to go! I met a friend for a beer the other night and we worked on settings while taking pictures of the beer taps 🙂

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