Fenceline in Monochrome

For this week’s post on Monochromia, I wanted to show sunlight … it seems as if we haven’t seen alot of that this summer.



It truly was a beautiful evening.

Have you visited Monochromia yet?  Please do so soon and check out the work of photographers from around the world!

22 thoughts on “Fenceline in Monochrome

  1. Nice work LB, the shadows on the posts are like ribbons. Like a sunshine celebration. The whole scene is a really beautiful property. The fencing looks pristine and even mowed on the shoulder. Must be very attentive folks living there. I always admire rolling hills and heady trees in the country, it’s so bucolic. Out on the prairies here, it’s so flat. xo ❤

    • I’m glad I was able to share some hills for you to view, Prairie Gal!
      There are usually two or three horses contendely munching around this pasture … not sure where they were today.

  2. Both are wonderful images, Laurie! The shadows and angles in the first keep my eye jumping around the photo to take it all in. But (and I say this because you asked over on Monochromia), I really do like the second image a bit better. Instead of jumping from post to post, my eye just smoothly roams along the leading line of the fence to the background to yet more curving fences. And the puffy white clouds certainly do speak to a bright blue sky. I had an easier time picturing this one in the terms you described. Seems like a picture perfect day 😀

    • Yes, your thoughts are similar to mine! It’s funny … initially I thought the first was the better and went with it, but as I continued to think on it, I came to like the second better. Thanks so much for checking out both, here and on Monochromia!

    • Thank you! Everytime I pass this fence (once a month for an appointment), I have to get out and shoot it. You are so right … it’s all about that curve.

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