So many things draw our eyes during and after a snowfall.  It was the shadows on the snow that turned my head this day.



The brilliant sun after a snowfall casts the most wonderful shadows on the snow.

And aren’t those snow sparkles fun?

They bring a smile to my face even on a zero degree morning. The sun sure helps, too!


Stay warm my friends.

It’s a Good Morning!

Saturday morning, the GOAs are waking, and it’s time for coffee and catch up.


This is one of my favorite mornings of the year.



Coffee – Companionship – Comfort


Decades of Friendship, Warmth and Light


Life. Is. Good.

Amateur Mistake

It was just another morning drive to work, and the sun on the field pulled me to stop.


I was intent on capturing the light … and then I received the dreaded message “insufficient room” on the SD Card.


As I was frantically deleting photos, the sun went behind a cloud and I never did capture the light as well as I would have liked.


Amateur mistake!  Thank goodness, that’s exactly what I am!