Carport Art

Yep … just taking out the trash


Can you see the reflection of the tree in the remains of the puddle?

015 - Copy

 Now if only Liana would write some lovely words to go along with these images … or Joe to find a song


I was heading home last evening after a long (but good) day when the shadows that appeared like stripes on the grass caught my eye.  The scene revealed evidence of the past winter, the recent flood and the coming of spring.





What a lovely way to end the work day!

What Was It About This?

The bright sun shining through and creating lovely shadows?

That same bright light revealing the very dirty window?

The tiny reflection of the flower in the glass?

The simple things in life: flowers, cards, candles, beer, plants?

Not sure … but it caught my eye so thanks for looking!


Don’t Be a Hater of Snow

I know, I know … snow can be an inconvenience, and yes, even dangerous.

Still, I just can’t help but love it!

It brings out the child in all of us (and boy, did it bring out the child in me and my friends last night – but that’s another story!).

The beauty of snow is almost overwhelming.









Why this? The LIGHT, of course!



I love the unexpected find … I went out to shoot something else, but this simple porch decoration, bright in the late afternoon sun, caught my eye instead.

It’s All About the Light

This was my view while sitting at a stop light on a beautiful but chilly 32 degree January morning.  A quick U turn and I was out of the truck and snapping away.  The chill led to a bit of a shaky hand, but I still loved the light on the bell tower of Radford University’s new College of Business and Education building.


To Bare or Not To Bare

I drive past this field most mornings on the way to work.

I’ve been watching and waiting for the day when 1) I had the time and 2) when the sun was shining, in order to catch the one tree, of the many that ring that field, that has held on to it’s leaves.    The orange leaves catch the light beautifully.  I love the shadow being thrown from the hay bale and the barely visible moisture steaming from it.


It wasn’t until today though that I noticed the dramatic difference between that tree and another nearby.

One bare … one still leaf covered.