Living on the River

You’ve heard me praise the New River in previous posts, and I’ve commented about how lucky I am to live just minutes from it.  Whether floating in a kayak or tube, or riding or sitting alongside, there’s nothing like a river to sooth the spirit.


 Lately, I’ve been trying to imitate the work of some of the photographers that I follow.  If you’ve visited Ron Scubadiver‘s blog, you’ve seen his beautiful reflections.  Now, rest assured, I’m not comparing myself to him, but I thought of his work when I took these.


Colorful reflections on the river are lovely, but the image might have more depth in Black & White.  If you are a lover of B&W, I welcome you to visit our new blog Monochromia.  The blog will feature images in B&W, and is the brainchild of  Joe at The Visual Chronicle, who says “We are a collaborative group of photographers, fanatics, artists and photo nuts”.


Somehow I got to be a part of this talented group of individuals.  They are the pros; I’m, as you might guess, just along for the ride!!

Elina – Capturing Little Moments –
Robyn – Robyn Graham Photography –
Patti – Nylon Daze –
Emilio – Photos By Emilio –
Joerg – The Things They Are In Pictures –
Joe – The Visual Chronicle –
Meho – Le Mehograph – (occasional posts)

Check out the blog and in the meantime for those of you in North America, Happy 4th and Canada Day (just a bit late).

42 thoughts on “Living on the River

  1. Pretty photos, Laurie. There is nothing like a river or a calm lake to soothe the soul. Happy Fourth and don’t sell yourself short. Compared to most of us amateurs, you ARE a pro.

    • You’ve made me smile! Thank you so much for your positive reinforcement. Happy 4th to you, too (one day late). Hope it’s as beautiful where you are as it is here today!

  2. What a great post Laurie and I love all the photos whether color or black and white. Thank you for mentioning our new blog but I would have to agree with Mary, don’t sell yourself short. To me the definition of a professional photographer is someone who makes a living taking photos, so by those standards I stand by your side as an amateur. Sometimes the images between pro and amateurs are indistinguishable though. I chose you for the exact reason that you so quickly sell yourself short on your photos. I want you to step out of your comfort zone and see the kind of recognition you deserve for your work :). Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thank you, Pauline! The weekend is packed with fun, and while I’m excited about that, I’m really looking forward to some quiet time with a book … hopefully tomorrow 🙂 Hope all is well in your part of the world! xoxo

  3. Those reflections are so peaceful Laurie, wish I could slip into the water . . . .
    As for Joe’s wonderful new blog, please know that I too feel as though I am along for the ride!

  4. I want to give you more credit than you have given yourself LB. You’ve managed to share a very respectable group of photo’s even though you’re working with new equipment. I enjoy them because they’re not contrived and as a visiter to your posts, I always feel like maybe I’m riding along with you for the day.
    This morning I’m gravitating to the simple and calm ring in the pool of water. I think we definitely share a love for water. Swimming, boating, floating or just staring out and contemplating, it’s always been a big part of my life. Really, it’s the life blood both emotionally and physically for every living thing. So it’s both an emotional and physical connection, no wonder it’s so strong.

    • Thank you so much! It’s funny because I had not looked at these since I posted them … and now I find myself being critical of them. Do you do that with yours? I do remember how beautiful that evening was 🙂

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