Monochromia: After the Ride

The fullness of life is keeping me from posting as I typically do, but after 6 yrs of blogging with WP, I am committed to this space in my world.  With a goal of returning to the norm later this year, I will for now, at least share my weekly image from Monochromia.


Almost Made It …

Caught in the rain. Worth it … for the ride and the image.

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Anatomy of a Bridge

** This is a scheduled post  from a ride one week ago. As you read, I am in full Get Out The Vote mode! **

Another Sunday Ride. Another Old Bridge.

Something is definitely right in my world when I get to ride the bike two weekends in a row.  The rides haven’t been long but during this busy time in my life, I’m thrilled just to be riding on our beautifully curvy Southwest Virginia roads.

We were also able to explore another old bridge.  With this one no longer in use, we were able to take our time checking it out.

I thought of Joe as I photographed all of the rust, and as we looked at the many parts of the bridge, I couldn’t help but wish that I knew more about civil engineering.


I also loved the contrast between the man made structure and the natural world.

Soon enough we were back on the bikes and enjoying the wind in our faces.

As always, we ended the ride with a cold craft beer and this time, a brick oven pizza.

It was the perfect way way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Ride: Bent Mountain

It’s fall but it still feels like summer, the earth still rotates on it’s axis, despite the political and weather related turmoil, and I am still posting on WP, even if not as much as in the past.  Election Day is in just 16 days, and with so much on the line here in Virginia, it’s hard to think of anything else.  My home is being used as base of operations for several candidates, and there’s lots going on.

In a nice change of pace, I’ve been home for the last two weekends, and I’m happy to report that I’ve spent some time on the bike, and a little time hiking in the mountains.   Mornings have been quiet and misty and lovely.

It doesn’t take long for the mist to burn away, revealing perfect ride days.  The leaves are changing and they fall down around us as we ride.  The many curves of our Southwest Virginia roads make for challenging and incredibly fun riding and the views are breathtaking.  And then there are the bridges.

We love to explore the detail of the old bridges that we come upon, and always hope to find the plaque that reveals the date that the bridge was built


It was less than a 200 mile day, but it was a much needed distraction from the woes of the world.

After enjoying a delicious lunch and a cold beer, we headed back to reality.

A Different View

As I write this post, I realize that several of my blogging friends are not the fans of snow that I am.


Yes, I have lived up north.  I loved the snow then and I love the snow now.  And the less attractive parts of winter make the warmth and new growth of spring all the more welcome.


The best part of this particular snowstorm?  It happened on a Saturday and I didn’t have to dig myself out at the crack of dawn to drive to work!

We didn’t get much, maybe 4 inches or so.  Yet still my heart is happy as I worry about the day when snow is a only a memory.


The question is: how do you photograph the snow in a different way?  How do you avoid the same old snow scenes?


Especially when you’ve not left the house and are still in your jammies.   When you stand on the porch in your slippers, where just a bit of snow has collected, and try to capture the glory of snow.


And then, you wander back inside and enjoy the quiet day, and the opportunity to play with photography.


Stay warm, my friends, and enjoy the day.

Lookin’ For Adventure


If you need me this weekend, just head out on the highway.

Hope the next few days offer you the chance to do something that brings you joy.

February Ride

Sixty Degrees on Feb 28th.  Guess where I was?


For at least a few hours, I was able to ride, to breathe, to smile, and to soothe my spirit,

Then I parked the bike and wandered along the train tracks,



visited an old historic school building,



and had a little fun shooting some interesting architecture.




After a quick stop at the local Pizza House, which I’ve written about before, it was time to head home for the day.


Hope you were able to spend some time this weekend doing something that brings you joy.

Snowbound Bike Chick

If you found time to visit yesterday, you know that I am posting an image a day this week, all of which showcase the beauty that was the Blizzard of 2016. Visit #Jonas to see yesterday’s image.  I’d love to see your winter photos as well, so please feel free to leave a link to your snow images.


I am not immune to the fact that those without power / heat, and others stranded on highways, spent time suffering.  Most of us though, had an opportunity for time with family, books and games, exercise (ie shoveling), cooking, and were mostly just inconvenienced.

First Ride, and First Pictures, in 2016

The day dawned bright with sunshine and 40 degree F temps, and soon the text came in to ride.  I worked quickly to get the groceries purchased, the Sweet Potatoes baked, and the Chicken Noodle Soup made and finally, it was time to pile on the clothing for a cold winter ride.

It should go without saying that I brought the camera, so not only did I get to ride, I got to shoot! Happy, happy me!

We stopped for lunch at Beamer’s 25, a local restaurant in Roanoke, and since it had warmed up a bit, we were able to sit outside.

2016-01-03 18.28.22-2

20160103_141235 _MG_9843 _MG_9840

We weren’t the only ones sitting outside, even though you’d never know it by these images.


The Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale was the perfect photo subject … and tasted good, too!



Don’t you love the reflections in this one? and yes, that is a photo of Coach Beamer on the wall.


My buddy, Dave, was willing to sit for a portrait, and I learned that he used to have his own light room.  We’ve ridden together for years, and I had no idea!


What a great way to start off the year …  90 miles on the bike, with the camera, and a good friend. A short ride but oh so sweet!


Hope the year has started off just as well for you!

The Snake Part 2


If you found time to visit my last post about being back on the bike, you will know that my friend Dave and I tackled The Snake, a 33 mile ride with 489 curves.  It was a blast, and it ended up being a 285 mile day!

In addition to getting some much needed wind in the face therapy, I was also able to enjoy some photography time.  We rode over  South Holston Lake via the American Legion Memorial Bridge and found a place to park and shoot.

_MG_8536-2 _MG_8519-2 _MG_8522-2 _MG_8528-2

These scenes also caught my eye





If you like to ride, be sure to visit my previous post.  In the meantime, know that it’s been so, so great to visit your blogs this week!