Blue Reflection

I’m not sure that the bartender appreciated me walking behind her bar to take this shot … but I just could not help myself!

Almost Made It …

Caught in the rain. Worth it … for the ride and the image.

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View From the River’s Edge


If it had been summer, I would have walked right into the river to better capture the late day sun adding light to the trees futher down the way.   Even still, it was a lovely site to see from this park called Riverview.

What a perfect name.

Myakka River


A wonderful weekend in Florida with friends was well worth the craziness of life upon my return.  The Myakka River, designated as a Florida Wild and Scenic River, flows through 58 square miles of wetlands, prairies, hammocks, and pinelands in the Myakka River State Park.

And while I cannot wait to share stories and photos, I’m firmly convinced it is time for a zoom lens!


I look forward to checking out your latest posts!

Feeling the Holiday Spirit

It had been a busy day in the office, but the staff found time to put up the Christmas Tree and to add some pretty lights to the waiting room.  I was the last one out at the end of the day and as I prepared to walk out the door, I had to stop and admire the decorations.


 The lights on the tree cast a soft reflection on the glass of the window.


The building was quietly empty and a soft rain was falling outside,


and the cars passing by on the highway added to the glow in the window.


And suddenly, I was feeling the holiday spirit.

Living on the River

You’ve heard me praise the New River in previous posts, and I’ve commented about how lucky I am to live just minutes from it.  Whether floating in a kayak or tube, or riding or sitting alongside, there’s nothing like a river to sooth the spirit.


 Lately, I’ve been trying to imitate the work of some of the photographers that I follow.  If you’ve visited Ron Scubadiver‘s blog, you’ve seen his beautiful reflections.  Now, rest assured, I’m not comparing myself to him, but I thought of his work when I took these.


Colorful reflections on the river are lovely, but the image might have more depth in Black & White.  If you are a lover of B&W, I welcome you to visit our new blog Monochromia.  The blog will feature images in B&W, and is the brainchild of  Joe at The Visual Chronicle, who says “We are a collaborative group of photographers, fanatics, artists and photo nuts”.


Somehow I got to be a part of this talented group of individuals.  They are the pros; I’m, as you might guess, just along for the ride!!

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Meho – Le Mehograph – (occasional posts)

Check out the blog and in the meantime for those of you in North America, Happy 4th and Canada Day (just a bit late).

Here She Comes!

The day was beautiful so while on the way home after a lovely visit with friends, I pulled the truck over along the New River.  It was the middle of the day and the sun was bright.


Only a couple minutes had gone by before I heard the familiar whistle of an approaching train.


We love our trains here in the New River Valley (you may remember a post about the steam engines that recently came through).


Once the train had passed over the trestle, I reflected (pardon the pun) on the fact that from this view the new Memorial Bridge can be seen in the distance, and the remains of the old, original train trestle as well.


The beauty of the river, the architecture of the trestle, and the romance of a train … not a bad way to spend a few moments.

Reflecting on a Favorite Place

While visiting a dear friend on Saturday, I was struck by the clarity of his beautiful farmhouse reflected in the pond.



While the house and pond looked great in B&W, I had to retain Mother Nature’s colors in this final image.


February 18, 2014 Update

My blogging friend, Lynda, over at Life on the Farmlet, used the last photo as inspiration for one of her marvelous short stories! What an honor it is for me, especially because I love the way this woman writes!

Please check it out at

Carport Art

Yep … just taking out the trash


Can you see the reflection of the tree in the remains of the puddle?

015 - Copy

 Now if only Liana would write some lovely words to go along with these images … or Joe to find a song