Spring is officially here and there are just two more days until a weekend without travel, and an opportunity to visit all of you.

Peonies: Buds to Blooms

Unlike last year, when barely a bud was to be found, this year’s Peony bushes have been full!  As each day passed, the buds opened and the most beautiful blooms emerged. I just could not stop shooting and before I knew it, the file had grown to over 60 images.

Have no fear!  I’m only sharing some of the images, most in color, some in B&W.

The images progess from buds

_MG_5084 _MG_5035

and the ants that help the buds to open.

_MG_5021 _MG_5042 _MG_5015 _MG_5036 _MG_5033 _MG_5043

Then the blooms began to open

_MG_5012 _MG_5158 _MG_5023 _MG_5136 _MG_5051 _MG_5049 _MG_5162 _MG_5082

Even the leaves are captivating

_MG_5088 _MG_5085 _MG_5149 _MG_5161

I only wish I could somehow share the aroma of these gorgeous flowers!