Despite a photo title that is reminiscent of a certain holiday in July, it is officially fall and the perfect time for riding.  I’ve got one more long weekend off of work before the cold sets in and I’m planning a ride through parts of Tennessee and North Carolina.

I hit the road in 3 weeks! You’ll be there with me, right?  🙂

One More From Deb’s Backyard: Hollyhocks!

If you’ve seen my last two posts, you know that one afternoon in Deb’s backyard led to a wonderful time and some fun photos.  Hopefully, you’ve seen the Calla Lilys and the Sunflowers.  Please enjoy these Hollyhocks, too.

013 014 017 090



With all the rain and  flooding we’ve had (photos next post!), it’s hard for me to believe we actually saw the sun a week ago!

Get Your Camera Settings Right!

You can sing that title to the tune of  Born to Be Wild.

I have been so frustrated the last 2 days because my photos were just not turning out the way I had hoped they would.  Now, I get that sometimes I’ll take 20 shots and be happy with just 1 or 2, but yesterday nothing seemed to work!  Finally, in frustration I looked at my settings.

Yep!  I had the color setting to add extra red to my shots.

How? Why? When?

Who Knows!!

Can you tell which one was on the wrong setting?


I couldn’t 🙂

I’m open to  any suggestions to improve macro shots (I don’t have an SLR)


Mid Winter Sanity Check: GOA Time!!

I found these pictures as I was looking through the archives from past GOA Gatherings.  I was updating my FB page to reflect the joy I feel as I prepare to hit the road to meet up with some of my most favorite women!  These gatherings are restorative to my soul, are a time of laughter, talk, and love (and the addition of a few pounds after enjoying amazing food and drink).  I had just gotten my new camera and I was playing around with macro.  Clearly I had then, and I still have, much to learn!

008 (4)

007 (4)

010 (4)

The GOAs are the Girls of August, and they are the women I attended the Medical College of Virginia with 20 years ago.  We meet every August for a long weekend and we also meet for a Mid Winter Sanity Check in February.

038 (3)

Today I leave for the Sanity Check and I can not wait.  These women have been a part of my life for such a long time and they mean the world to me.  And who doesn’t need a little reminder of summer in the middle of February?

020 (3)

It’s GOA Time!