19 thoughts on “It Just Made Me Happy

  1. It reminds me of a song from one of my Favorite Movies (Monty Python’s Life of Brian). There is a song in it called, “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life”…..The song really does give a better way to perceive life.

  2. The glass reminds me of Life Savers candy… I was imagining that the orange bits tasted like tangerine. Mmm… tangerine. It was my favorite as a kid!

    I digress. 😉

    I like the chandelier and would love to see it lit up with candles. Perhaps when you are in a celebratory mood? And, I feel that day is coming soon, LB.

    (((O))) <— It's a big hug

    • Tangerine was my favorite, too!! And I’ll take a photo of the chanelier alight with candles soon – you’ve given me a great idea for the perfect quiet celebration.

  3. Your new chandelier is completely original and as you say, ‘cheerful’. (I’m assuming this is in your own gorgeous screened porch). Retail therapy has been my ‘go-to’ fix more than once too. Did someone you know make it for you? I see another visitor here associated it with Life Savers which is rather funny, because Alys and I were just talking about Life Savers. I said my favourite’s were Butterscotch and Grape (sometimes together, LOL) and well, yes Butterscotch is also her all time favourite. We freak each other out at times, really 😀

    I hope you get a parcel today and it cheers you up even more 😉 It’s hard even for happy girls to recover from emotional trauma (I know this myself). I tend to lean on friends and try to get sleep and a good walk in. That’s not exactly earth shattering advice but I took a few walks coking on tears only to be met by a squirrel or bird and without a doubt would feel less despair by the end of it. Wish we could go for a walk together but you’d freeze out here today. Take care my friend, hugs xK

    • The chandelier is even more beautiful when lit with candles. I’ll take a picture of it sometime.
      I did not receive a parcel today but knowing that I would be seeing one soon just made my day!! Your comment about happy girls having a tougher time is exactly right … we almost feel a responsibility to stay upbeat and positive and sometimes we just want to complain a bit. So yes … I am lucky to be alive and not have more injury, but it still hasn’t been a piece of cake! Your advice of friends, fresh air, and sleep is perfect. Your compassion and friendship mean much!!
      Someday I’ll share a photo of my pitiful smile sans teeth … but in February, I’ll have new ones … unless Santa brings me new front teeth for Christmas – HAHA!

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