Peonies: Buds to Blooms

Unlike last year, when barely a bud was to be found, this year’s Peony bushes have been full!  As each day passed, the buds opened and the most beautiful blooms emerged. I just could not stop shooting and before I knew it, the file had grown to over 60 images.

Have no fear!  I’m only sharing some of the images, most in color, some in B&W.

The images progess from buds

_MG_5084 _MG_5035

and the ants that help the buds to open.

_MG_5021 _MG_5042 _MG_5015 _MG_5036 _MG_5033 _MG_5043

Then the blooms began to open

_MG_5012 _MG_5158 _MG_5023 _MG_5136 _MG_5051 _MG_5049 _MG_5162 _MG_5082

Even the leaves are captivating

_MG_5088 _MG_5085 _MG_5149 _MG_5161

I only wish I could somehow share the aroma of these gorgeous flowers!


44 thoughts on “Peonies: Buds to Blooms

    • Thanks Joe. You know, I initially put them in slideshow format since I was including so many, but I couldn’t figure out how to increase the speed. thanks for looking through these

    • Thanks Liz! I have to confess to feeling like I was a bit obsessed with peonies this year. I appreciate you looking through the progession, especially because there are so many photos.

  1. Them there flowers sure do look purdy Miss LB, ma’am.

    See, they make me go all southern and Scarlett O’Hara-ish!

    I agree, the leaves are pretty too – I love that dark green that seems to spring up from nowhere and slowly begins to put out buds. I have always had such a thing for peony buds – that exact time you captured in photo #13 when the buds begin to burst open and at the same time you see the continuing opening movement from the other flowers……………. That’s the thing with peonies I think – they make beautiful buds and once they burst open they keep right on opening out until the petals have all fallen, but there are more buds bursting open…. it’s a little like life really 🙂

    • You described the process perfectly … there is constant change and so much to admire. I’m glad you agree about the leaves

  2. Okay, I am definitely planting some of these. Beautiful shots. Many students have brought blooms to me over the years. They almost always have ant on them. I guess I’m not the only creature attracted to these lovely, fragrant flowers.

    • When I first moved here, I knew nothing about peonies (and accidently cut an early shoot down thinking it was a weed). I brought one of the blooms inside, not realizing that I was also bringing in the ants!! I’ve learned much!! 🙂

  3. I have several peonies around the house. They remind me of one of my Grandmother’s… the scent brings back so many memories. You did an outstanding job capturing every stage of blossom!

  4. Heavenly Laurie. I actually had the very same blush pink peony (and others) at the lake. All your photo’s are beautiful, my favourite is the B&W with the white mostly blown out. I love how the ruffles fill the frame. Do you have other colours too?

    • I’ve not seen any other colors but the blush pink and the white. I should plant some new ones as they make me so happy. Thanks for looking at the many, many, many photos in this post!!!

  5. This year must be the perfect ingredients for awesome Peonies. Ours are about to burst forth in a profusion we haven’t had in years!!! Your white ones are so pristine!!! Thanks so much for sharing………your photo talents are amazing!!!! Hugs……………

    • You are so sweet to complement my efforts to grow in photography! I really enjoyed this project. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your peonies as much as I’ve enjoyed mine!

  6. I swear I could smell them as I scrolled through the pictures! Gorgeous, Laurie. They are one of my favorite flowers as well. When Bill and I lived in Illinois, we had a whole row of peonies in our backyard. They made us so happy! I need to plant some in my yard in Boone!

    • Oh you should plant some! In fact, I’ve enjoyed mine so much, I may have to plant more. I’ve enjoyed them so much this year!

  7. I’m so glad you mentioned that they didn’t bloom much last year because this year my peony doesn’t have a single bud yet. The leaves are gorgeous, but no flowers. Your post gives me hope that next year the plant will make up for it.

    These images are really stunning. #10 in BW is my favourite of this bunch. Wowzer.

    • Thanks for the “wowzer”. Love that!
      While many have said that they’ve had a profusion this year, I just talked to someone who said they had almost nothing this year.
      Perhaps they exhaust themselves one year and burst forth the next?

    • Oh you are so right! It took me quite a few hours to weed it down from 60+ to 20 🙂
      And I probably should have cut our more … but I just couldn’t!!
      Thanks for your comments about the photos being beautiful. I do feel like I’ve learned alot, but I want to improve, and print / frame.

    • I didn’t either initially!! Years ago, I brought some recently opened blooms into the house, put them in vase, and soon had ants all over the counter. 🙂
      Now I know to wait a day or so … once the blooms are fully opened, the ants leave.

  8. These photos are amazing. I want peonies in my yard. (Except for the ants. I hate ants. But, that’s because we get carpenter ants and they will eat our house if we don’t done keep them at bay.)

    • I’ve never had a problem with Carpenter Ants (perhaps I shouldn’t jinx myself!).
      I may have to plant another color next year … I’m kind of addicted!! 🙂

    • They are large plants, aren’t they? I’m lucky to have abundant space … well, lucky until I have to clean beds, rake leaves, …
      Thank you!

  9. Whew, the pressure’s off to find a fresh view of a peony…I can come here and drink yours in to my eye’s content 🙂

  10. Gorgeous, one and all. I wasn’t expecting the ants…that was a surprise. You’ve captured them beautifully.

    They’re a new addition to the strawberry bed this year. Sigh.

  11. Lauren, these are so beautiful! So do we know exactly how the ants help the peonies to bloom? I see them on mine every spring too!

    PS: I never figured out that step for slide show speed either… if you find out please do share! 😀

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