Petal Love

My peony plants are incredible this year!  Each bush is full of gorgeous blooms.  I’ll soon share a series of photos, revealing the peony from bud to flower, but for today … just a little petal love.


By the way, how do you pronounce Peony?

My friend Rick and I say pee-OH-knee.  Others say PEE-ah-knee.

What do YOU think?

43 thoughts on “Petal Love

  1. Very pretty Laurie! Pee-ah-nee is the correct pronunciation but I think people in different geographical areas pronounce it differently. Gorgeous, gorgeous flower and you captured it beautifully. Mine are just getting ready to bloom. Can’t wait! The beauty and aroma and almost more than I can handle! Enjoy the day!

    • I agree on the both aroma and beauty. The sheer number of petals in this bloom amazes me, and the aroma is just right … not overpowering, just a lovely, gentle scent.
      And yes, the pronunciation definitely depends on the geographic location. It’s fun to hear the differences

  2. Such a cool photo LB! How’d you get the background so dark and the flower petal in light? Was it late evening with a flash? Anywho, gorgeous. I say Pea-ah-knee. x

    • So glad you like this one … after conversion to B&W, added alot of shadow, mostly to emphasize the the water droplet.
      I love the differences in pronunciation 🙂

  3. I love me some pee-ah-knee LB – they blossom here in time for Christmas and are great favourites! I think accent has a lot to do with pronunciation – next time we speak we should try it! I think it might be a giggle!!

    • Oh how wonderful to have these for Christmas! I just love these gorgeous plants … and this year, I used mini=trellises to hold those blooms up and keep them from diving staight to the ground. Pee – OH – knees make me so happy (no matter what the official pronunciation is 🙂 )

  4. I’m so glad you asked this question! I always thought people who said it different than me had simply not been taught how to pronounce it. I didn’t realize it was correct multiple ways. I’m so glad to learn this before I corrected someone. 😉

  5. PEE-uh-NEE for me. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. What does pronunciation really matter when the photo is so stunning? Look at those water drops! Perfection, Laurie, and I’m pretty certain we can all agree on how to pronounce that.

    • Mary, I almost made the title of this post “Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to”! 🙂
      So glad you liked the photo … somehow I’ve managed to take way too many photos of my peonie plants. They’ve just been stunning this year!
      And thanks for always saying the right thing!

  6. Laurie, I used to say pee-OH-knee, but my mother-in-law said PEE-ah-knee and that has stuck with me. They were her favorite flowers. I never knew how luscious they smelled until we moved here and I discovered we had them on the property! (White, pink and deep mauve colors) Mine seemed late this year due to the longer winter cold, and now they are just seed heads and green leaves. How nice to have the season extended through your lovely photograph! I do hope you have more to share.

    • Oh I’ve never seen a deep mauve before! Must be gorgeous!
      You’ll laugh but I’ve taken so many photos … I’ve been editing for days 🙂
      But yes … more photos coming!

  7. Love that you went B&W on this one LB. Lovely. And I’m a pee-oh-knee gal myself :-). Used to have some real beauties at my NJ home, but too hot down here in SC.

    • Thank you, Tina. I’ve had more fun taking photos of them this year. So beautiful!
      They were planted before I moved to my home and I am so glad (even though I whacked one down when the shoot first appeared 17 years ago … I thought it was a weed!!!!). oh my …

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