Just Playin’ Around

This fence just drew me in, but I was unable to get too close without spooking the horses.  Since that affected the clarity of the image, I played around with editing.  Those who have followed my growth as a photographer know that I don’t do much editing.

Some B&W


 A touch of HDR


Oh so soft focus


The plan ol’ image


5 thoughts on “Just Playin’ Around

  1. A little editing never hurts LB. No camera made will reproduce a scene like the human eye. As good as the current cameras are they do not have the same dynamic range as the eye, so some editing is inevitable. My favorites are the high contrast black and white and the soft focus. Nice shots and have a great day 😀

  2. It’s a tricky thing, post editing. I do like your soft focus image, very dreamy. I personally like the last image the most because of the composition. Being a little further back brought the curved hardtop into the shot and gives purpose to the bending fence line. Looks like a nice place for a ride.

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