54 thoughts on “Frosty!

    • Morning Joe. I was so happy with the first one, and mainly included the second one to show the origin of the shot. It was a beautiful, frosty morning. Still no snow …

  1. Good Morning Starshine is what I’m hearing in my head looking at your gorgeous photo. I’ve pinned for a reminder to get up early for these kinds of opportunities. Love the sky.

    • Thanks!! I think next time, I’ll try to do more sky than whatever that grass / plant is. This morning on FB, I posted a color photo of the same sky 🙂 xo

      • Whatever you do, it’ll be fantastic. I’ll have to get over to FB tonight. We just finished watching Idol. Do you tune in to that? Some of these kids are so young and poised, amazing.

  2. Laurie, you’ve been on a roll of late. Glad to see it! 😀
    I love them both, but that first one is really nice. I have had a thing for barbed wire, and antique fencing, since my geese found some (BW) from the 1800s here on our property.

  3. Nasty stuff that barbed wire – but turns out it’s particularly good for showcasing frost – who knew! Takes your fabulous eye again!! The light in the second pic is quite something – those clouds look pretty thick, so the sun must be lower – right?

    • Yes! It was early in the morning, and I was rushing to work, and the sun was just coming over the hill. Next time, I’ll take that shot and make sure I grab more of those clouds. Thanks Pauline!

    • You know, Leanne, I’m so glad the second one has been so well received … I really wasn’t sure because of all the sun flares. Thanks!!

    • We did not get the snow that I had hoped for, but we are experiencing cold, windy days. I think I’m the only one not complaining 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m hoping I’ll be able to capture even more details with the new camera (as soon as I can find some time to learn the new camera 🙂 )

    • Good question, Crystal! It was the next day 🙂 and I don;t know what those grasses / seed pods are either, but I’m always drawn to the light behind them.

  4. Beautiful frosty shots…..I love the second one even more than the first….which is also fabulous 🙂
    You’ve captured the watery silky quality of this late winter light beautifully.

    • Thanks so much ,,, I’ve commented previously that I’m so pleased that the second one has been liked. It appealed to me but I wasn’t sure about the quality.

      • I can remember going to photography exhibitions of some of the ‘greats’ of photography and enjoying their fuzzy and grainy photos, and although it would be unlikely that I would win any camera club competitions with a similar one, to me that’s not the point. Your photo has real impact, and I love images like that because it captures more than just the place, it makes me ‘feel’ the experience of being there. That’s more than enough for me. Keep up the good work.

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