Blue and White


So …. what clever name would you have given this post?


Blue and White just doesn’t quite work, does it?

020 - Copy

These photos were taken the day after our lovely big snow 2 weeks back.  The ground is clear of snow now, but the temperatures are low and the threat of snow is in the forecast.

More importantly, California is getting rain!!  Come on Mother Nature, ease that drought!

Thank you all for your visits and comments.  I’m a bit backed up in visiting everyone’s blogs … but each day I visit a few and I am confident that soon, yes SOON, life will calm a bit, and I’ll get back on track!

February 28th Update:  Some have asked about the glass structures on the fence posts.  They are antique glass insulators  Insulators were originally designed to keep the wires linking telegraphs and telephones insulated from the wooden poles that held them aloft.  They peaked in the 1920s to the 1940s, are now prized collectors items.

March 4th Update:  I’d sent an email to my friend Wilson, one of the owners of these beautiful glass pieces and I was wrong about the insulators!  Even though the link that I included showed very similar pieces, the blue glass pictured “on the fence, rounded top, screw bottoms, are covers for airport runway lights”.  Wilson says “I got them at a sale at Hubbell Enterprise in C’burg. I have mostly blue, a few red. I don’t know how valuable they are; they certainly weren’t when I bought them”.