Weekends away offer many gifts.

Time with friends and the chance to fill up with the good things in life.


Loud laughter. Quiet Conversations.  New card games.  Old music.  Much wine. Not enough dancing.

Nourished by meals prepared together and shared around a large family table.


Long walks and talks, and peaceful moments at the river’s edge.


Early morning photography sessions and late evening songs around the campfire.


And arriving home rejuventated, with major life decisions made.


Gifts indeed.


41 thoughts on “Gifts

    • You are kind to say so … it sure makes me work harder during the week so I can play on some of the weekends! A challenge for sure but oh so worth it!

  1. I always enjoy peeking at your wonderful friendship moments through the lens of your camera LB. You have a such a good group of gals around you there. The late day sun on the tray of food you shared is really lovely, I could see that vingette painted.

  2. You must treasure these weekends away with your friends, they are indeed a most wonderful gift. The final fact of arriving home with ‘major life decisions made’ speaks volumes to me of the depth, support and trust that exists within this group of women. There is a peaceful tranquility to your photographs, I hope this reflects how you feel within 🙂 xoxo

    • Women are so good for each other, aren’t they?
      The trust and support are exactly what makes the bonds strong, but also the singing and the dancing and the laughing and the fun!
      Imagine! We might all get to have that same joy someday!

    • The weekend was restoring and completely fun! So lucky!
      You, and a couple others picked up on the decision, which I will share in the next month or so. 🙂

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