I Just Couldn’t Do It

Another image from that beautiful day in Shiloh (see here and here).

I specifically stopped to shoot this ramshackle structure with the idea of converting it to B&W.  I follow a few bloggers who seem to instincitvely know what works in B&W and I wanted them to know they have influenced me.


  I just couldn’t do it though … I loved the green framing, the red roof, and the blue sky, all highlighted in the setting sun, and with the addition of those shadows that I love so well.

40 thoughts on “I Just Couldn’t Do It

  1. I love the colors, too. Do you wonder about the life in a house that looks like this? I saw so many abandoned homes in New Orleans when we toured there. They’re mysterious and sad. This photo made me think of that. xox

    • I always wonder what made folks move on … was it a family illness? were they unable to pay the mortgage? Did the Health Dept step in? Mysterious and sad … exactly!

  2. I LOVE this photo! I think you’re right about the color: The complimentary colors playing off one another are too hard to resist: The blue strip of sky against a thin line of orange (a hill top?), and the red roof atop the green door and porch railing. This really speaks to me.

    Where I grew up (northern New York) there are so many places like this. I always imagined that people died or moved and there was no one who wanted to live in the house. I notice these abandoned houses while traveling, my husband always spots the abandoned cars.

    • I see places like this all over Appalachia as well, and in fact, I saw alot when I rode throughout Maryland and Delaware this past summer. Sad … and as Alys said (above comment) and mysterious, too.
      Love the difference between you and your husband’s observations 🙂

  3. I am so glad you didn’t B/W it!!! You are totally right……the colors are amazing!!!! It really does get one to wondering about all the ‘living’ that went on in such a structure!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Hugs……

      • A couple more little groups set under the small tree on the window seat/bay window…..wrapped and ready to go. The others are being loved as I write this, I’m sure!!! They were given to gals who don’t sew at all or very little. At first they said they would just look at them and they were too cute to use!!!! Imagine that!!! My response was …..NOT!!! LOL! I think they got my “drift”…hehe! So glad you found time to stop by! Hugs…..

  4. 🙂 the image have a soft appeal and that is why its a hard choice to convert it into b/w. B/w will give you great tonal contrast … drama … I am partial to colors but then b/w is an area you would like to explore now and then. i can see your delight when you took the picture. equipment will help to a certain degree. Its always the person behind the equipment that translate the emotions into “your art” … but then that is just me :). Its a beautiful photo.

  5. yes, I agree…you made the right decision….maybe another photo will be good for BW but not this one :)…btw, have a merry merry Christmas dear!

  6. what a fabulous photo…I too enjoy what color has to offer in this shot! Having said that I do love b & w’s…regardless, buildings like this always make me wonder what & why they ended up like this?

    • I too wonder about those things … it’s why we all need to keep a written record … and hey! We already are with blogging 🙂 Thanks Heather!

  7. Gorgeous photo, and I agree with all above who said that color is the right choice. I don’t think that you have enough value contrast in the areas of interest. Instead, the image works because of the color contrasts–in particular the rust against the green. This is a photograph in which the colors are delicately beautiful, yet the image is one of decay–which explains much of its very considerable appeal.

  8. Love the old house and live the color version. Would like to see a sepia version too–next time have both :-). I once posted 2 versions of a shot and got more comments than you’d believe from people voting for their favorite!

    • I agree! I posted a color and B&W of the Christian Church in Shiloh and it was so fun reading everyone’s comments. Merry Christmas, Tina!!

  9. What an interesting day for photo’s. Those kind of places could be spooky in the dark so I appreciate the colour in the photo too. I do like the colour of the door and trims, very vintage. That along with golden grass, it’s almost an Instagram without even trying. A faded past executed perfectly with your trusty camera LB

  10. I’m doing great LB! I’m going 100 miles an hour today but it’s all good. We’re are having a warmish day to boot. + 1 C or 34 F…awesome. No sun though…mmmm, the are saying maybe rain. That won’t be could for traveling, Have you seen what’s going on out east? It’s misery for those folks. I hope your all ready for the big event! Have a wonderful and joy filled Christmas Laurie, with lot’s of treats to spoil you. Thinking of you, love Kelly xo

  11. Hi Laurie, I’m catching up on my blog reading as Christmas day winds down. Just had to let you know how much I love this photo – so glad you stayed in colour with it – though I wonder how it would look in sepia tones….. Like Alys, I find these places so mysterious and not a little sad. I wonder what finished lives, what lost dreams once filled these houses and now are gone……..

  12. The lighting would make this image a good candidate for b & w. But (are you ready?) not every candidate is elected! 🙂

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