Go Hokies!

A few weeks back, some dear friends and I gathered along the river for a weekend of Gifts.  The cabin we rented was situated beside the New River, and was surrounded by trees.  The Japanese Maples were vibrant with color, and the two growing next to each other just outside the cabin door captured in nature the colors of Virginia Tech.


Chicago Maroon


Burnt Orange

IMG_9734 _MG_9895

I could not stop taking pictures of the beautiful contrast between the two colors.


People have questioned the Hokie colors, wondering why a school would choose orange and maroon.


Fans of Virginia Tech respond by saying “If God wasn’t a Hokie then why do the leaves turn orange and maroon in the fall”?


Go Hokies!!!

41 thoughts on “Go Hokies!

      • Ha! We have a fish in our waters called ‘Hoki’ which was the original spelling.

        So, after reading through the article I now know ‘hokie’ is a stone that most of the university buildings are made of – and there is a bird, which isn’t a real bird, but which was modelled on a turkey, which was a real bird until it became costumed some 50 or 60 years ago and then morphed into a ‘Hokie Bird’, because who wants their team called ‘gobblers’ on account of their eating habits! While there is an actual hoki fish, there is no such thing as a hokie bird. But the mascot is very cute 🙂 Go the Hokies!! ❤

      • You are too good to go learn and report back, Pauline!
        Unfortunately, our Hokie Bird is hanging his head today after the team had to go to overtime with a zero – zero score. Oh. My.

    • Yes, we are still firmly entrenched in fall. Very low temps but no snow. You Northerners have really been hit hard early in the season, haven’t you?

      • So far, I’m tolerating the cold better than last year…probably because I refuse to start whining about it. I am also thankful that I don’t live in Buffalo or any of the places that got 5 or 6 feet of snow in three days. I can’t imagine!

  1. Those photos are amazing–and they convince me that the Hokies made a good choice of college colors! But it’s funny, we say that, if God wasn’t a Penn State fan, why is the sky blue and white? And they say that at UNC, too, I believe. 😉

    • You are right and I wondered if anyone would mention it! UNC folks say ” … then why is the sky Carolina Blue?”.
      I had not heard the Penn State saying 🙂 I love both!

  2. WOW, I don’t know football but I can see why they’d want to emulate the colours of fall. Spectacular! Your second photo with the blue sky peaking through is my favourite! Go Hokie’s !! Did you ever sing “We’re going to do the Hokie Pokie and all fall down” as a kid? What the heck was that all about? LOL

    • HAHA!
      You will love this: During the pre-game band performance and during the change from 3rd to 4th quarter, the whole stadium stands, sings, and dances to the Hokey Pokie! So much fun (and a little challenging in tight quarters with a bit of a buzz).

      • Let me guess, people are saying “you’re other right Laurie”, haha…that does sound like fun! Oooops, I think above, the “all fall down” is actually ‘Husha-Husha’. Childhood was so innocent back then.

  3. Go Hokies! Go Laurie! What stunning photos. The vibrant colors of fall are spectacular. How fun to have two contrasting trees to photograph right outside your window.

    The contrast in the colors and shadows in those last two photos are extraordinary. Nicely done.

    • Thanks Alys! I swear I could not put the camera down 🙂
      Unfortunately my Hokies are now a national embarrassment after taking a game to overtime with a zero-zero score. We have sunk to a new low!
      Thank goodness there are far more important things to focus on.

      • Oh dear! Mike is feeling the same way about the Cal Bears. Sad football days all around.

        Thank goodness you live in the middle of all that natural beauty to take your mind off of things. 🙂

    • Thankfully the fall colors make for fun and beautiful photography. I’m glad you like the composition. I tried to present the colors a bit differently.

  4. Oh, how I love the colors of fall. They seem to have come and gone so quickly this year. And by me, they never got the intense colors that I see in your wonderful photos. Just wonderful, Laurie!

    • Stacy, I know you have told me but I’ve forgotten what area of Virginia you live in. Remind me if you feel comfortable doing so in this public format.
      The colors did come quickly … but thankfully they were stunning still!

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