Mailboxes and Fences

When on the way home from an early Saturday morning meeting, I could not help myself.  I had to pull over.

Just a few minutes drive from my home, this Southwest Virginia view is enhanced by old mailboxes and fencelines.

I’m slowly, ever so slowly catching up.  Be back soon!

A Lovely Distraction

Good Morning, or Evening, as the case may be! Before I prepare to head off for a day on the motorcycle, I wanted to share this post from my dear friend Karen, over at The Unassuming Hiker.  Karen has started a Hiking Club for Women, and she planned a Saturday hike for those who can’t make it during the week.  We spent a wonderful day at Carvins Cove.  Check out her post for more info!

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The Unassuming Hiker

A week from now it will be over, but I know it is going to be an amazing weekend watching my only child get married.  Today, I surrounded myself with good friends for a much needed distraction and to help me celebrate the week before the big day.

It started with a hike (surprise, surprise) to a place I had not been before, Carvin’s Cove.


Hiking with the wedding photographer guaranteed a couple of good pictures!


We got an early start and the weather was perfect.  Did not see any bears even though there had been a 500 pound black bear in the parking lot last weekend.  A bear that was not afraid of people.  As we arrived we were told that we had just missed seeing the bear by about 30 minutes.  We were fascinated by this until we heard the same story upon our return and realized they…

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A New Milestone

It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted!  Where did the time go?  🙂


Thankfully, in between closing down the old practice, opening the new, and campaigning for Delegate, I was still able to find a few moments with the camera.

This first photo is from Carson’s Courtyard, a little resting spot in downtown Radford, created with Community Development Block Grants.


On another day, I stopped by the American Legion Building.  Built in 1928, the building has served as a temporary courthouse, Catholic church, daycare center, Radford Arsenal hiring office, dance hall, voter registration office, polling place, and home to Main Street Radford.  The American Legion members have started a restoration drive to raise funds for this historic building.



On July 4th, I rode the motorcycle to visit a few of the communities in the 12th District.


One of three covered bridges in Giles County, the Sinking Creek Covered Bridge was built in 1916.


This next one was taken with my new Samsung Galaxy.  Those of you who know me well, will realize that I have changed phones after 15 years as a Blackberry user.  Not sure it was a good move yet …


The Newport Parade


was followed by the Blacksburg Parade,


and then it was back home to the City of Radford for music and fireworks.


A few days later, the campaign office was buzzing with the sound of volunteers and staffers working the phone bank.


So thankfully, despite the pace of life, I’m still finding moments to pull the bike over and enjoy the view.


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Local Music

The Waiting was over and the music began.  A fun mix of Blue Grass and Country.

The classic combination of fiddle,



steel guitar,




and bass,


combined with guitar and excellent vocals,


 and the evening was made for great music.



Southwest Virginia’s Crooked Road is “a place of beauty – a place of song” and all along Virginia’s Heritage Trail, musicians gather to play and celebrate the joy that is music.

Join Me on a Little Local Ride

One of the challenges for any weekend is to somehow get all the chores on the “to do” list done, yet still find time to play.  By 3pm this past Sunday, I’d accomplished enough to be able to head out for a little local ride.  Luckily for me, local riding often means country roads, fields, lakes, and historic communities.

Dry Valley


Claytor Lake is a reservoir of The New River, created when a hydroelectric dam was built in 1939.  I stopped for a water break and the chance to watch the geese and ducks.  It was a perfect afternoon to ride, but the bright sun made for challenging photography.

_MG_5667_MG_5647 _MG_5662

Yes! That is a lighthouse! On the lake 🙂


Soon it was time to ride on down to the end of the road.


I’ve photographed this slowly decaying barn from many angles … it’s a beauty.


From there, I rode through the community of Newbern, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I’ve ridden through the Newbern Historic District many, many times but somehow had missed these two structures.

The Old County Jail and site of the First Courthouse of Pulaski County

_MG_5692 _MG_5681 _MG_5682_MG_5686 _MG_5690 _MG_5691

The original reservoir for the Newbern Waterworks

_MG_5699_MG_5694 _MG_5697 _MG_5698

A little beauty, a little history, a little photography … all seen from the bike. Not a bad way to spend a few hours.

Here She Comes!

The day was beautiful so while on the way home after a lovely visit with friends, I pulled the truck over along the New River.  It was the middle of the day and the sun was bright.


Only a couple minutes had gone by before I heard the familiar whistle of an approaching train.


We love our trains here in the New River Valley (you may remember a post about the steam engines that recently came through).


Once the train had passed over the trestle, I reflected (pardon the pun) on the fact that from this view the new Memorial Bridge can be seen in the distance, and the remains of the old, original train trestle as well.


The beauty of the river, the architecture of the trestle, and the romance of a train … not a bad way to spend a few moments.

Steam Engine

The Steam Engine came through the City of Radford yesterday!

What a thrill for the 750 folks on the train, and for all of us watching, too.

So many thoughts to process and images to edit.  I look forward to sharing more with you later.


(click on the image for better detail)