Infinity … at Keswick Hall

Isn’t it incredible how sometimes all we need is 24 hours away from life’s routines and life’s chaos?

We drove through a snow storm to get to Keswick Hall and while there, soaked up the many comforts that we found.  Next time, we’ll make sure to enjoy the heated infinity pool.


The steam rising off the water added a misty quality to the images,


whether in color or in monochrome.


Beautiful scenery in a historic building, incredible food and drink, and a wonderful friendship = 24 hours of fabulous!


How incredibly lucky am I?

Inside Keswick: The Pampering Continues

When you left us last, Jan and I were enjoying a bottle of champagne and yummy chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room by the incredibly attentive and caring staff of Keswick Hall.  Restored and refreshed after our snowy ride to the resort, we set out to explore.

When I made the reservations, I did not realize that the Hall was originally a private residence.  “The seventeen-room Villa Crawford, the north wing of Keswick Hall, with it’s original fireplaces, ornate ceiling molding, and grand staircase, was built in 1912”.


“Designed to resemble an Italian villa, the 8000 sq ft, two-story, stucco clad, slate roofed home originally cost $100,000”.


We enjoyed a delicious dinner in Fossett’s Restaurant,


and then wandered down to Treble, the wine cellar named after Thomas Jefferson’s use of the word:

“I have lived temperately….I double the doctor’s recommendation of a glass and a half of wine each day and even treble it with a friend.” – Thomas Jefferson

“The cellar features a glass entrance door framed with handmade wrought-iron gates and lanterns reminiscent of old-world European wine cellars that were kept– like prison cells or bank vaults– under lock and key. Two adjoining rooms offer both informal and more formal dining. You’re also surrounded by 600-700 labels, at least 5,000 bottles in all” (

IMG_1270-2 IMG_1276-2

Treble is a wine lovers paradise,

IMG_1278-2 IMG_1273-2

and a photographers challenge.


Our nightcap in the Villa Crawford Bar, the original family dining room, was happily interrupted by the engagement announcement of one of the employees.  We felt a part of the family and joined in on the celebration.



The staff of Keswick completely pampered us and their kindness and care added so much to the experience.

How’s this for a view while eating breakfast?  Those of you who checked out Monochromia yesterday may recognize the two chairs off in the distance.


 Here they are again from another angle.


The weekend was coming to an end and it was almost time to begin the journey home.  In a couple days, I hope you’ll join me for one final post about Keswick.

Keswick Hall


The destination was Keswick Hall, a 100 year old resort just outside of Charlottesville, VA.  The purpose was a long planned reunion with a dear friend from college.  Jan has been a big part of my life through the years, and was instrumental in my recovery from the motorcycle accident.

The drive to get there?  Near whiteout conditions (cell phone image)


I left early in the morning, hoping to beat the snow but instead spent almost 5 hours driving through it (the drive would normally take 2 1/2).  It was certainly not the deepest or the worst, but driving through any snowstorm is challenging.


You know me though.  I am nothing if not up for an adventure, and oh, how glad I am that we didn’t reschedule this 24 hour getaway to Keswick Hall.


“Built in 1912 as a gorgeous Italianate-style estate, the property was converted to a country club in 1948, and restored in the early 1990s as part of the world-class hotel that now graces a most beautiful piece of Virginia countryside”.

Keswick, at least for us, is one of those once in a lifetime type places to visit.



An historic home, beautifully renovated, Keswick is a place where “guests feel as though they are visiting a grand country estate rather than a hotel”.


Our plan was to take a tour of 4 of the 30 wineries in the Charlottesville area, but once we arrived in safety, we decided to nestle in.


What an incredible place in which to ride out a snowstorm!


In the next post, I’ll share some indoor images of Keswick Hall.


Cheers to a fabulous reunion!


Colorful Moments in Charlottesville

Weekend travel for other than pleasure?  Make the most of it!


Whether walking the grounds of The Boars Head Inn,

_MG_8397-2 _MG_8398-2

Or exploring the downtown walking mall,

IMG_8448-2 IMG_8453-2

Be on the lookout for the bright and the beautiful

IMG_8451 - Copy-2

and enjoy those free moments.

The Boars Head Inn

The Boars Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA, an historic hotel in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sits on the site of Terrell’s Ordinary, a modest inn where, during the 1700s, westward travelers stayed the night (these comments, and some of the next are taken from the Boars Head website).


By the 1960s, the Ordinary was but a memory and in its place was the quintessential Virginia Inn.

026 (2)

The heart of The Boar’s Head was built from the timbers of an abandoned gristmill along the banks of the Hardware River, which dated back to 1834.

013 (2)


I’m lucky enough to attend a quarterly Board Meeting for my Nurse Practitioner organization at the Boars Head, but this time, I met my parents and one of my sisters and stayed as an overnight guest as well.

Situated on over 570 acres, the Inn features beautifully renovated rooms, afternoon canapes in the tea room, and five course dining in the Old Mill Room (which showcases beams from that 150 year old grist mill).


We were still experiencing frigid temps while there, yet the geese on the frozen pond seemed to have adapted pretty well.

031 (2)

The sunrise reflecting off yet another frozen pond was an incredible way to start the day.  I’m not sure when I’ve seen colors like this.



I spent several hours learning the new camera yesterday, but that was after my time at the Boars Head Inn.  I look forward to applying some of what I have learned on my next trip back to Charlottesville.

Consider stopping in for a visit if you are near Charlottesville.  You will not be disappointed!