Skyline Drive


It’s been 5 years since I started my WordPress journey, and what an incredible 5 yrs it has been.

Somehow, through all that has happened, a motorcycle wreck, running for political office, opening a business / closing a business / opening another business, and many other things, both positive and challenging, I have managed to post, to respond to comments, and to visit and comment on your posts.

Lately though, I have just not been able to keep up.  Perhaps it’s the new job.  Maybe it’s the hours spent in civic engagement, and the resistance.  Whatever the reason, I’ve just not been able to respond to your comments on my posts.  I have, however, made a commitment to visiting and commenting on  your posts.

Know that I love and read each and every comment, but if I don’t respond in kind it is because for the time being, I’ll be spending my WordPress time visiting and commenting on your posts.  I’ll still be posting though, and hope to have a lighter schedule sometime down the road.

You have become dear friends, and my life is better for it.




Tomorrow in the US, we celebrate all that is good about family, friends, food, (and football).  We also celebrate the non-monetary gifts of sharing our time, our good fortune, and our love.

Wishing you warmth and many Thanksgiving blessings!

While Making Calls


Oh my goodness, scenes like this make an evening of campaign calling so much better!

I miss you all … so much!!!

26 days!

Warm Enough to Ride

Just one week ago, it was so cold that I had to jump start the bike.

 Today though, for a brief time it was 60 degrees and while I had not yet finished with the post Thanksgiving clean up, I knew I wanted to ride, even for just a little while. With the sun low in the sky, I pulled away from the house.


I’d only been riding for 20 minutes when I pulled over to get the camera out of my the saddlebag.


The setting sun cast everything in a golden glow, and when back on the road, the wind was cool but comfortable.


Safety dictated that I get on back home, but I’m grateful to have had even a little time with the wind in my face.


Charleston: Cycling to the Sun

One of the many great things about Charleston is that it is a community that bikes.  Everywhere you look, you see folks riding bicycles.  Unfortunately most are riding without helmets, but that story is for another time.   I loved this dedicated “bike parking lot”.

071 (2)

A bookstore right in front of the bike parking lot uses cool combination advertising.

072 (2)

One of the purposes of the trip was to bring my son a bicycle so he’d be able to join the other cyclists in commuting and in play.


One evening, Andrew and I rode through Hampton Park and from there, found a curvy little pathway that led to the Ashley River.


It was the perfect place to watch the sun set over the river.







Such peace and tranquility … I was almost ready to move there!

Something About A Window

An organization that I belong to held a meeting at a local church last evening.  Grace Episcopal  has been a part of the Radford community for over 100 years and is a lovely old building.  As I walked up to the church, I was struck by the windows.



From the inside they were even more beautiful, and against the setting sun, were the color of amber.








As I left the house this morning, I decided to run by and take one more picture, this time of the the building, and not just the windows.  What a difference a day makes!!  Yesterday was sunny and bright.  Today a 6 inch snowfall!

In April!