The Fullness of May

The month of May is always full … of flowers, and rain, and a lift in the step of folks who have been longing for warmer weather.


  For me, it is also filled with planning and implementing the Ride of Silence and the Annual Memorial Day Service.

It is such an honor to work alongside others in remembrance of those who have died in the service of the US, or on our public roads.


Despite the full schedule, there is still time for book group.  I read late into the night on Wednesday in order to be prepared for our Thursday discussion.  We met on the new porch, surrounded by flowers made even more beautiful by the late day sun.


Have you read “How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky” by Lydia Netzer?

Life is ever full … of friends, of flowers, of books, and service, and I am thankful.

10 thoughts on “The Fullness of May

  1. I haven’t read that book, Laurie, but I am truly admiring your photos of the flowers. Gorgeous! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you. Enjoy and be safe on the bike.

  2. Flowers……….Spring………rain showers……..LUV!!! These next few days bring the forecast for showers but warmth. The corn is growing (I think I can actually see it move!!!) and the ‘green’ is brilliant! Lots of quilting and, hopefully, some biking moments ahead………hugs…….

  3. Laurie, you have the biggest heart. I’m so proud to know you. Your photos are lovely and so is the garden greening up all around you. I love that you have a new and improved porch to host your group. Have a safe weekend ahead.

  4. I haven’t read that book, but the title is intriguing. What I did think of looking at your always stunning photos: “I love big bokeh and I cannot lie.”

    Have a fabulous Memorial weekend, Laurie! xox

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