The Middle of the Road

I was supposed to hit the lake with friends this evening, but threatening rain early in the day led to a reschedule.  The sun was shining brightly as I headed toward home after work, and it was still shining during a brief but beautiful rain shower.

I only had moments to get the camera out and push the shutter .  The rain was slowing down and I was – after all – stopped in the middle of the road.

Pretty cool moment, for sure!

014 - Copy

8 thoughts on “The Middle of the Road

  1. Your photo makes me feel like a little bird and the rain drops are really big! We had a wild day of weather here. Thunderstorms and Lightning midday accompanied by hail and tornado warnings. I took the kitties to the basement when it got really dark at 3:15pm but it passed fast and kept on going….good riddance, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out…LOL

      • Ha, not in Edmonton Alberta (up here). There’s maybe a handful every year. One giant Tornado event took place over 25 years ago and zipped thru parts of Edmonton and unfortunately cost lives and then again a major event happened in Pine Lake, south of Edmonton a few years back but not too often.

  2. This is very beautiful…
    and in a somewhat unrelated thought… it almost reminds me of something kind of ‘Matrix-like’, too… I think it’s maybe the combination of the greens / illumination / and falling water…
    it’s a very cool combination!

    • I thought it was sort of unreal, too. At first I was hoping that a better photographer had been there, thinking the result would have had more clarity … then I fell in love with it as it is!

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