Piano on Solstice

While most of the photos from the Solstice Party on Friday were taken outside, this one was shot while I was inside getting a glass of sangria.  Something about the light on the keys and the lovely wood …


More photos coming later!

13 thoughts on “Piano on Solstice

  1. I always admire people who can sit down and play from memory or by ear. Playing piano seems so complicated to me with two hands doing each a different thing.

    In contrast, your photo is so calming with the warm wood and placid keys. A piano, it seems, enjoys a dual life. The centre of attention in a quiet family room or the main attraction at a roaring party.

  2. Great shot, LB. I’ve seen more pictures of the moon this week than you could believe, and I never get tired of them. But this is imaginative, and captures a different mood of the moon. Nice job.

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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