Motorcycle, Bicycle, and River, Oh My!

As I sat in the river yesterday, I thought of all the items on my “to do” list.  Yes, I was actually sitting in the Little River, and I was oh so happy.


I looked up to see the smoke from the grill caught in the sunlight streaming through the trees, and in addition to my “to do” list, I thought about how fortunate I was.


Surrounded by friends, on a gorgeous September afternoon, with laughter and the sound of flowing water providing amazing background music.


The only thing that I could have wanted was more time to take care of that “to do” list.  Thankfully, I had an extra day off for that, and today is that extra day.  I’ve spent the last 8 hours scatching items off of that list, and that means it is finally time for WordPress, a chance to relive the weekend, and a visit to all of you.

After getting off work on Friday, I stopped by Rising Silo Brewery.


Part of a ground-up movement, “the purpose of the brewery is to create fermented beverages from the best ingredients, overflowing with thought and authenticity in taste”.


Rising Silo is a farm brewery, the foundation of which is Glade Road Growing, a farm located on a conservation easement, which means that it will permanently remain open space._MG_5213-2_MG_5211-2

How can you not love their mission: to create “an evolving space that community members near and far may gather to connect, dream, celebrate and relax. We believe in fresh food, true brews, and good people”.


Saturday morning started with a solo, 17 mile ride on the bicycle, partly along the New River,


followed by a 200 mile group ride on the motorcycle.

IMG_5263-2 20160903_163618-3

In my quest to improve my health, I even managed to run 2.5 miles!


And all this fabulousness brings me back to today.

If being able to run, ride both bikes, and spend time on the water wasn’t enough, I’ve been gifted with this extra day, Labor Day, to get caught up.  It is so satisfying to see the “to do” list get shorter.

 Labor Day, a creation of the labor movement over 100 years ago, “is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country”.

While I know that I work hard every day, how is it that I still feel a twinge of guilt for being off today?


One more great thing about this weekend?  The Hokies won, too.

Sam Rogers (45) carries the American flag to lead the Hokies into Lane Stadium for the first time this year.

Photo Credit:

Yes, College Football season is here, and I’ll be watching the FSU – Ole Miss game tonight while visiting all of you.

Misty Mountain Hop

What does a Led Zeppelin song have to do with this post?  Not much.  Just a clever title for a post with alot of misty photos 🙂


I was up and out of the cabin early both days this past weekend, enamored with the mist rising off of the river.


The Canada Geese were so vocal to one another as they swam by me.


The otters, too, were chatty and so fun to watch.  I just wish I’d had the right lens and light in order to capture a decent photo.  Yet even without photos, I can still see those 6 playful otters in my mind.


What a marvelous way to start the day.



Weekends away offer many gifts.

Time with friends and the chance to fill up with the good things in life.


Loud laughter. Quiet Conversations.  New card games.  Old music.  Much wine. Not enough dancing.

Nourished by meals prepared together and shared around a large family table.


Long walks and talks, and peaceful moments at the river’s edge.


Early morning photography sessions and late evening songs around the campfire.


And arriving home rejuventated, with major life decisions made.


Gifts indeed.


Parting Shots from Pittsburgh

Can you handle just a few more photos from a great trip to Pittsburgh?  I sure hope so because this is the last post!

Ruth and I rode the Monongahela Incline, one of two cable-powered inclines designed for transportation between the river valleys and the communities on top of the overlooking bluffs.  The first two photos are mine, but I really think my friend Ruth’s photo captured the feel of the inside of that cable car.  Please check the link for information about these historic inclines!  So very cool!

_MG_9241 _MG_9243


Check out that 78% grade!


Once at the top, we walked the Mount Washington community, enjoyed a warm beverage from a local ice cream / coffee shop, and enjoyed chatting with the local business owner.


Ruth holds the framed article about that same business owner, while he tells us about the Mount Washington community and it’s local businesses.

_MG_9238 _MG_9236

Ruth thankfully is a photographer, one who has taught me much, and has complete patience with my non-stop shooting.  Before riding back down, we posed for a picture in front of a the beautiful cityscape.



_MG_9264-2 IMG_9260-2 IMG_9261-2

Just a few more shots that I think capture the essence of Pittsburgh.

Catsup 🙂




Rivers and History


and Sports


Thanks for coming along on our road trip to Pittsburgh! I wonder where we’ll travel to next year?

Pittsburgh: Rivers and Bridges

Venice is known as the City of Bridges, but Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania actually has more.  Three more in fact, for a total of 446!


Ruth and I planned our trip to Pittsburgh with a primary goal of watching a football game, but we had plenty of other fun things planned as well (see the posts about Fallingwater and the drive through southwestern Maryland and western Pennslvania).  We spent most of Friday exploring the city, walking over bridges, and soaking up the history, architecture, and culture of Pittsburgh.  Over 6 miles, and too many photos to count later, we felt we’d gotten a real taste of the city.

Many of you have posted photos of locks of love on bridges from around the world, and it appears that Pittsburgh is getting into the act, too.


Some of the bridges in this river city have pedestrian walkways which join a riverwalk. The Three Rivers Heritage Trail evolved from five separate trails and today comprises several unique sections over 37 miles.


The confluence of the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River is at Pittsburgh’s 36 acre Point State Park.  It is there that they form the Ohio River.  As we walked along the riverwalk, we passed a vibrant collection of runners, walkers, cyclists, and dogwalkers.


Expansive views of the city can be found from many vantage points, including the Monongahela and Dequesne Inclines (more on these in the next post).

_MG_9231 _MG_9234




Three of the 446 bridges are known as The Three Sisters.  Similarly built self-anchored suspension bridges that span the Allegheny River, the bridges have been given formal names to honor important Pittsburgh residents:  Roberto Clemente, Andy Warhol, and Rachel Carson.


We walked over 2 of the 3.


We were never at the right vantage point to catch a photo of the 3 Sisters in one view, so I downloaded this one so you could see how beautiful they are.


The melding of the historic and the modern are everywhere.

IMG_9271 IMG_9211


What a fabulous city!

Next post:  Pittsburgh – Buildings and Architecture

What is it About Water?

No matter where I am, if water is near by, I am in it!

Whether to swim, float, stick my feet in, walk over, or sit by.

Soothing, restoring, fulfilling, and just plan fun!

During my ride last weekend, I had the chance to walk over an old steel bridge, to play in a bubbling creek, and to get soaked in a short downpour.  More bridge shots will come in a later post, but for now … enjoy the rejuvenation of water.  I sure did!

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9 Days ’til Vacation and the Annual Ride!!!