Palms in Monochrome

Back in June, we traveled to Las Vegas for the first time since early childhood.  Included in a jam packed 48 hour weekend were a few moments at the pool, which is where I was captivated by the sun shining through the palms.


The fullness of life is keeping me from posting as I typically do, but after 6 yrs of blogging with WP, I am committed to this space in my world.  With a goal of returning to the norm later this year, I will for now, at least share my weekly image from Monochromia.

Welcome to the Weekend


Friday afternoon.  What a lovely site to see at the end of the work week.

Saturday’s Arbor Day Tree Planting was a success and the rain didn’t stop me from going to door to door.


And now, it’s Blog to Blog via WP!

On The Way


My contribution to Monochromia this week.  My comments there about this image were:

The morning found me back on the road again, and I was rushing to keep on time.  This scene made me stop the truck, run across the road, and wander around shooting in the dew soaked median for just a bit.

Yet another reason to love photography … the chance to stop, to breathe, and to capture the beauty that surrounds us.

 If you have visited yet, Monochromia is a blog devoted to Black & White images, with contributions made from photographers the world over.


This image, but in black and white, is my contribution to Monochromia today.

 _MG_8601 - Copy-2

And you can see the B&W image here, too …


Hope you all have something fun planned for the weekend!  I’ll be catching up on chores, checking out your blog posts, watching the Hokies play Carolina, and of course spending a little time on the bike!


The image of this intriguing old stump is my contribution to Monochromia this week.  Pop on over if you get a chance and if you didn’t know it already, you’ll learn that I’m a tree hugger (like you didn’t know that already 🙂 ).  As Joe always says, if you love B&W images, you need to check out Monochromia.