Misty Mountain Hop

What does a Led Zeppelin song have to do with this post?  Not much.  Just a clever title for a post with alot of misty photos 🙂


I was up and out of the cabin early both days this past weekend, enamored with the mist rising off of the river.


The Canada Geese were so vocal to one another as they swam by me.


The otters, too, were chatty and so fun to watch.  I just wish I’d had the right lens and light in order to capture a decent photo.  Yet even without photos, I can still see those 6 playful otters in my mind.


What a marvelous way to start the day.


46 thoughts on “Misty Mountain Hop

  1. I’m packing my bags for (Laurie’s) Misty Mountains
    Where the spirits go now,
    Over the hills where the spirits fly (and the geese swim), ooh.
    I really don’t know.

    That’s a marvelous way to start a day.

  2. These convey a wonderful mood. I love the mist, and even the dull skies, because it adds to the atmosphere. Otters are so great! I am pretty sure I’ve never seen more than one river otter at a time. I can’t even imagine what they must sound like, playing together. Is that an otter head in the second to last misty scene?

  3. I love Boomee’s dare. She’s a kick, that one. I know nothing about photography but I know what I like. These, I like a lot. So peaceful. I’m sorry I’m a bit dense and slow. I just realized your bike is a motorbike. 🙂 Silly me. I tried to learn to ride one many years ago. My first husband thought the best place to teach me to ride was in the back yard. Until I drove up the side of the garage. He decided I was a lost cause. 😦 I’m going to have fun discovering your blog.

    • ha! Boomdee is a hoot! Love her!
      Oh my … the side of the garage! I do apologize but that gave me a little chuckle (because I’m assuming you were okay … I hope I assumed right!)
      So glad you liked the misty images!!

      • You can have a belly laugh at the bike going up the side of the garage. I was still holding onto the handles when the former husband took it from me. Both bike and myself were unscathed though no longer friends. ::)

  4. Laurie, if we weren’t stuck here you would have new neighbors in no time. This looks absolutely magical. I want to wake up to mist rising off the lake.

  5. I second, third and fourth everyone’s comments about your beautiful misty photos, Laurie, but, oh, real otters in the wild! We only ever see the poor creatures in zoos over here (although they always look happy and busy!) The whole family knows that on a trip to the zoo I have to make a beeline straight to the otter enclosure because they are my absolute favourites. You really do live in a beautiful part of the world – and you capture it so well for all to share. xoxoxox

    • We went our early the next morning, hoping we would see them again, but alas, no luck! I’m so very glad I saw them that first morning. I’d describe them as happy and joyful!
      Thanks for your lovely comments, Dani! xoxo

  6. Early mornings are the best. Right now it is just after sunrise and the morning is still cool (just the way I like it). Today we are expecting a top of 41°C (104 F) so not really looking forward to that. Thankfully we have a pool. 🙂

    • Smiling over your “almost” comment! I often wish I could sleep in some mornings, but alas I awake early. At least I am rewarded by scenes like this!

  7. I’m rather envious of your views on this particular morning LB. It’s one of the things I miss most about our old house. The birds. We were very lucky to have a great variety including: Herons, Pelicans, Sand Pipers, Ducks, Cormorant’s and yes, Canada Geese. How wonderful to see otters too. I have had a crush on them since I read “Ring of Bright Water” in grade 4. I should read it again, it’s a classic.

    Loving your first photo a lot. You’re so good at putting the right thing in focus. I need so much practice. xo

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