26 thoughts on “Perspective on Snow #2

  1. First let me say thats It’s good to see you posting regularly 😀 I really love both of these photos Laurie but the texture and the shadows in the last photo is just spectacular 😀 have a great day.

    • Hi Joe! I’m just back from a fabulous weekend with great friends, and am trying to get caught up on stuff before the Super Peyton Manning Bowl 🙂
      Thanks for your awesome comments … I’m making some progress, and you know how I love winter photography.
      I will say that the indoor, candid shots with friends did NOT turn out. Back to the book later today if I can find time!

  2. You’ve got an eye for beauty Laurie! I like both photos but I fell in love with the second one! Rays of sun and fresh snow.. you’ve captured it so well!

  3. OMG [I NEVER say OMG!!] You have captured the texture and the suns rays in that second pic – this I think must be quite something to do, new camera or old camera – are you perhaps some kind of photography genius??

  4. My favourite thing about fresh snow is that it makes the new day look so promising, a clean slate. I used to go around our yard and sweep off the fence top so the birds would have a place to land as they waited their turn to fly into our feeder. Your snow capped fence just reminded me how much I really miss watching those busy birds ever morning.

  5. I really love the first photo, and it suits your title well: perspective. The parallel lines move toward a common point on the horizon, just like our teachers taught us in art class. Great work with the snow, which I always find to be a challenging environment.

    • you said that so well, Crystal. I was never an art student and never considered myself very artistic at all, and therefore find it interesting that I have gotten so into photography as an art form. Loving it!

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