Morning Walk on Lake Wanaka

Waking up at 6am on vacation means that I am back on Virginia time, and that is a good thing in terms of making the most of the day.  I slipped out of the house at 7:15 and took the 15 minute stroll to Lake Wanaka.

It was such a peaceful morning with just a few runners, walkers, and photographers out and about.

And a few ducks …

It was a slightly overcast morning, but slowly the sun began to peak through the clouds.

I could see the town off in the distance, and knowing that we’d be visiting later in the day, I turned around for home.

After putting my feet in the water, of course.  Look at that clear water!

Walkin’ Around

In an effort to deepen my understanding of the intricacies of my camera, I was up and out early on Sunday to walk and shoot.

Despite the remnants of snow, the signs of spring were everywhere.



The warming temperatures created a subtle mist that softened this next image.


Don’t get me wrong.  If it snows again this week, as the forecast predicts, I’ll enjoy that, too.  I’m all about trying to embrace, and capture the beauty of, whatever Mother Nature throws my way.



Even still, it was lovely to hear the birds singing all along the way.

Time on the bike will be here soon!