Back Track

With just an hour or so to spare, I set off on the bike.


It took me awhile to find a place to pull over to capture this view, and even then I had to hike back a bit.

For once, I didn’t have my camera with me.

Not too bad for my ol Blackberry, eh?

Early Morning Color

It would have been nice to delay my start for home this morning, but since I had a long list of chores to accomplish, I hit the road early.


So glad I did!


Burke’s Garden

This past Sunday found me needing some time on the bike, in a long, solo ride.  Too many thoughts were jumbled around in my head and I needed to sort some things out.  So I plotted my route and headed out for Burkes Garden.


Bowl-shaped Burke’s Garden is the highest valley in Virginia, and is named after James Burke who “discovered” the area during the 1740s (of course the Native Americans discovered it first).  The historical marker notes that “the threat of Indian attack and the remoteness of the area discouraged permanent white settlement until the early 19th century”.  It is still a very small community and the only store is closed on Sunday.

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The ride to Burke’s Garden and back is one photo opportunity after another.

Old churches

043 052 049

Farms and the product of farming

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Images that harken back to another time and warnings about eternity


I loved her little face peeking back at me.

072 076

While these 4 photos all have an organized religion theme, they represent 3 different churches.


And of course some fun, twisty roads.

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By the time I arrived home, 5 hours and 150 miles later, I was in a much more peaceful frame of mind

The Shot Tower

After traveling toward home from Raleigh NC in 3 hours of driving rain, I was glad to see the clouds finally part.   In the distance, visible from the interstate was Shot Tower Historical State Park, located in Wythe County, Virginia.  Even though I’d driven by it many times, I’d never visited and decided it was time.

Overlooking the New River, The Shot Tower was built more than 150 years ago to make ammunition for the firearms of the early settlers.

Doesn’t it figure that the park was closed for roof repairs!




Disappointment was brief however because right there at the intersection of Shot Tower Rd and Pauley-Flatwood Road, were several old farm buildings that begged attention from my camera.









Though the rain had stopped, the mists over the mountains created a beautiful backdrop.