Redux: Old Radford Incinerator

It’s been awhile since the morning light has prompted me stop on the way to the office.  You may remember seeing the Radford Incinerator in a previous post.  There’s just something about it that grabs my attention.


005 003

21 thoughts on “Redux: Old Radford Incinerator

  1. You are addicted to old structures just like I am LB. I really love the use of selective focus and depth of field in the chain link shot. Have a great weekend.

    • Definitely! As I rode home this evening (from the Layne Creed Memorial Ride), I had to force myself to keep going and to not stop to photograph all the old barns and farmhouses! I never would have made it home otherwise 🙂

  2. Actually this building isn’t very old, just over sixty years but it does have a
    certain interest attached and your photographs have captured these brilliantly 🙂

    Andro xx

    • Me too! Someone pointed out that the building isn’t really that old, just 60 years. But even incinerators held more interest than some of the new structures being built.

  3. Don’t you just love old buildings? I posted on one in my hometown that I’d never given a second glance to when I lived there and had so much fun shooting it. Also did an abandoned asylum in Michigan. Something so appealing. Great post!

  4. Every old building has a story to tell. Who walked into this building with their lunch bucket in hand? Did they drive up in an old truck? Looks like a good place for a haunting…it’d be spooky at night. I’m such a chicken O>

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