The Old Radford Incinerator

I’m sure you are thinking “why would she take pictures of an incinerator?”


As you can see, even an incinerator looks good in the morning sun.  Actually it was the tall grasses, shining in the light that caught my eye.



I pass this old incinerator every morning.  I know it is no longer used and that it was built in 1949.  That’s about all I know.


I’ll have to see what else I can find about it!


12 thoughts on “The Old Radford Incinerator

    • Thanks Ruth! A friend of mine this evening said “I drive by the same things you do everyday and I never see what you see” … it was a complement and it was nice to hear!

  1. Really cool! Very photogenic grass, indeed! I also like the incinerator, too, though. I find photos that explore the whole ‘passage of time’ thing so interesting… to think of all that history… it’s fascinating! I’m kind of weird like that I guess. Anyway, awesome images!

    • Thanks so much for the comments! and I agree about history. I posted the blog on FB and a long time citizen of Radford said this “The trash was burned there for several years. Ashes were used to fill in the reservoir to the right of the current structure and the metal that was not burned was put in the land fill. The ashes and non-combustables were cleaned out of the furnace at the bottom each morning and new fires were started for the fresh trash”.

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