** Note!  I scheduled this post a week ago, and completely forgot.  After a week of hype and build up, I happily woke up to snow!  Photos later 🙂 **

It was such a pleasure to have a little time at home, to get the house in order, to take care of some business details, and to visit with a few friends.  As the day progressed, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the light.








Late Afternoon


and Evening


Thanks for your patience as I share the results of playing with the light.

27 thoughts on “Light

  1. I love the quality of light at this time of year and your photos capture it’s nature beautifully! Are you in the crosshairs of this storm? We won’t get any of it at all!

  2. I think morning light is my favourite … although that might be simply a reflection of being a morning person.
    Your photos capture the light so beautifully. The 2nd photo is my favourite with the light on the leaves and the rich contrast of sun and shadow in the background.

    • Yes! I spent all day (literally) working on Continuing Education Units and am participating in a teleconference as I type this, but after that, perhaps I can relocate it. I actually think that the window it is in front of now is a good place; I just need to rearrange it slightly.

  3. You’re a day-dreamer, easily distorted by the wonder that is, ‘a day at home’. It’s no wonder why I adore you as I do. I’ve always admired your chandelier in the sunroom, like Lifesavers in the sun. What a difference a few days make hey?

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