The Early Morning Colors of Winter

While I didn’t really want to be up and on the road to Charlottesville at 6:30 am for a professional meeting, the views and colors along the way were beautifully subtle.


As I traveled farther down the road, the sun gradually came up and the colors became brighter.


Adding a soft focus to this photo really highlighted the red.


The colors of the cows added to the palette.



But my favorite colors of the day were those found in this tranquil farm scene … the smoke from the chimney, the fog over the mountain, the barely rising sun against the brown of the trees and the white of the snow … just lovely!


8 thoughts on “The Early Morning Colors of Winter

  1. By the end of this I was having fun trying to imagine the scene from your description before I looked at the photo – I’ll admit to living vicariously through your winter photos! This is giving me a much-needed winter fix πŸ™‚ Btw, what kind of trees are those? Are the leaves red or are those berries?

    • Lisa, I don’t know! The trees were down a snowy hill and given that I was in clogs, I couldn’t get a closer look! I need to try to identify the tree. I’m so glad you are enjoying the photos!

  2. That red tree and the misty landscape are both gorgeous. The landscape is very much like parts of Herefordshire or the Welsh border country in England. The misty light really makes it. Great stuff LB.

    • Thank you, John! It’s been years (40 to be exact) since I’ve been to England. I’d so love to return and see the countryside!

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