It’s a Mystery

Sometimes all I need is a short ride to clear the brain and lift the spirits.  That’s surely no mystery.  The mystery comes at the end of this post.  Keep on scrolling down, my friends!


I walk in the door, drop the purse, lunch bag, and lap top.  Grab the helmet, wallet, and camera, and hit the road.

I typically choose back roads for the scenery, the farms and barns, and the old houses.  Yesterday I also added a 20 minute run along a highway.  Ahhhh …. the famed wind in the face therapy.

So where’s the mystery?

I stopped to photograph this decrepit home at the intersection of two country roads.


As I wandered around the house, I specifically thought of Mike from Mike’s Look at Life.   How would he portray this house?


Mike has a skill with B&W that I do not have and he might have presented the image differently.  But I share it this way for a reason.  Look what is revealed when I put the image back into color.


A bright shiny door knob and a new propane tank.  Hmmm … what do you think goes on in this old place?

(Be sure to check out Mike’s blog … for the photography AND for the comment section!)

Little House in Shiloh

I’ve driven by these old cabins many times


and I’ve stopped to take photos before


but this time, the character of these old structures spoke to me.


and against the backdrop of snow, I couldn’t help but think of days gone by.



Visiting the Twins!

My dear friend is grandmother to twins, a boy and a girl, and yes, I did capture a few really nice shots. Since I left it to the parents to share them, I thought I’d post these two photos (get it? two … one for each baby … ha!) from inside their very beautiful, almost century old home.


The muted light was awesome, and I just wish I’d had a tripod to improve the outcome.


You see what I saw though, right?

96 1/2 in the Morning

I’m still editing the many, many photos I took during my 48 hour trip to Charleston and I’m looking forward to sharing some of them with you.  Until then … something about this old home, and it’s address, caught my eye in the early morning light.