Snow Images: Work and Play

Those of you who live further north than I do are probably tired of the cold temperatures and snow, but here in Southwest Virginia, we are enjoying every snowflake.  Well, most of us are anyway.  We don’t get these big snow storms very often anymore and frankly, I miss them.  I also worry about climate change.  We’ve had too many “teasers” this year.  We hear about a storm for days ahead, schools and businesses close in anticipation and then … nothing!  This time though, it really happened!!

The following photos showcase some of the fun and the beauty from the last 48 hours.

The snow began at 1pm as predicted and I waited to finish with patients so we could close the office, allowing the staff to get home safely


Radford University (RU), early on in the storm.  It turned out that we received the largest accumulation of snow in our area in over 18 years.


Another view of RU, taken from the deck of a favorite local bar, one of only a few in our little city.


Celebrating the snow at yet another local establishment.


Do you see a theme developing?


St Albans Hospital, built in 1916


Before attacking the driveway

005 (2) 006 (2) 012

Shoveling 18 – 20 inches of snow


And the post-shoveling reward!

042 043

I dug out my 30 year old snowshoes and enjoyed a brief, humorous attempt at using them.


Early morning sunshadows on snow



And just a little rust … ’cause who doesn’t love rust?

023 025

Editorial Comment: Part of why I am able to enjoy the beauty of a snowstorm is because I did not lose power and I did not have to travel on the Interstate. What is it about all of the industries letting folks head home early at exactly the same time?  Combine that with all the drivers who insist that they are the only ones who know how to drive in the snow, yet they tailgate and speed?  We’ve all heard about Atlanta. It took one friend here in the NRV over 6 hours to travel 30 miles, and another friend in Raleigh parked under an overpass and hiked home.  Both of these situations were caused by the two variables previously mentioned. Ugh!

Other than that – I have loved every minute!!!  And I promise, it isn’t ALL about alcohol 🙂


54 thoughts on “Snow Images: Work and Play

  1. so pretty, I’m enjoying the snow vicariously! Yeah, Atlanta and NYC need to really rethink their strategy, PEOPLE FIRST folks! We err on the side of caution here in Chuck-town as I’m sure your son has let you know 🙂 We shut it down early and kick back….

  2. That is a serious snowfall LB and I am most impressed with your shovelling ability! But really, red in the cooler? What has happened to your finer sensibilities? White chilled – red room temp!! Good heavens – you Southerners 🙂 But I also note that shot comes after several dozen previous glasses – so who cares by then 🙂 Way to go – snow, shovelling, wine, and natures beauty – you got it all!

    • You are right on about the wine … I never chill red, although others in the south do, but I also don’t drink much white wine, so it was red and the snow was a convenient coaster 🙂

    • Too funny, right? I didn’t realize until I finished the post how much of a presence those liquid treats had. Today – a bit more shoveling and then hot tubbing!

  3. Welcome to Winter! Its all about keeping warm and slipping on the ice. Now if your watching someone who slips on the ice, it can be pretty funny to watch but you dont want to be the person falling.

  4. Well you won’t hear anyone up here get too excited about snow, but I’m glad you’re have a good time. Drink to many of those shooters and you may not wake up till spring…LOL, whatcha’ got going there? Tequila? Or To-kill-ya as I call it. Do you have to shovel a driveway too? Gads, I’d be stiff. I’m all out of practice with this cushy condo life.

    You wouldn’t believe what snowshoes look like now. I never got the hang of walking with my feet so far apart. Short legs! No can snowshoe, drink wine instead 😀 BTW, I like that brick building with the portico (maybe RU?). I love architecture from that time, so dignified. Stay warm!

    • Thanks for checking out all the pics! We’ve had such a great time … then again, I rarely let weather affect my outlook on life, work, fun. Even when I lived in Vermont, with months of snow, I was happy.
      And you are right … the old buildings at RU are really beautiful. Thankfully they are being renovated and not torn down.

  5. Despite the fact that we have been inundated with cold, snow and ice I enjoyed your post. I like the way you celebrate your efforts of shoveling! 🙂 Stay warm!

    • Thank you, Robyn. We’ve worked and played hard 🙂
      More shoveling today and then hot tubbing in the snow. I embrace any weather, although the extreme heat of summer is my least favorite.

  6. I wrote about the snow storm we had here yesterday. It started slow, got heavy and piled up, then rained and got icy. That’s pretty much been the routine this winter. We haven’t had one big snowfall like you got! I’m in RI close to the ocean. I am not a winter person.

    But I do love what you see through your lens. And I’m not just talking that long row of shots lined up on the bar! 🙂


    • Thank you, Mary. It’s been a whole lot of fun! Then again, I embrace whatever hits me when I walk out the door everyday … well, except the extreme heat of summer.
      My son lives in Charleston, SC and he, like you, has lamented the rain while we’ve had snow.

  7. That’s why I have a snow-blower. We have had snow on the ground for months which is actually real unusual for this neck of the woods. It is pretty, for about 15 minutes. Nice images, Laurie.

    • Now, Mike, you know I am a lover of winter and I also have no problem shoveling (even my long ass driveway). In fact I prefer it to the loud noise of a snow-blower. Who knows how I’ll feel in another decade though 🙂
      Even when I lived in Vermont, with snow on the ground for months at a time, I didn’t mind. In fact, I embrace whatever weather I face walking out the door in the morning … well, except for the extreme summer heat.

    • I’m glad! I try to appreciate whatever lies outside the door … and am thankful for seasonal change. Would not want to live in Florida or Alaska. Right when I’m tiring of one type of weather, the next comes along 🙂

  8. lol…great photos, you sure made an event of the storm, which is great for the first one…after awhile snow gets tiring… 😉 glad you enjoyed yourself though!

    • As I’ve been saying, even when I lived in Vermont, with snow on the ground months at a time, I was happy. The fires, the winter sports, the winter camping … and then the knowledge the spring was right around the corner.

      • lol…you are most fortunate LB…to enjoy the winter weather! You know it wasn’t so many years ago that I did as well, ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing,skating, I did it all and loved it! but…as I got older things changed and now sadly I would prefer to be somewhere else… I look forward to my time south, the spring, summer and fall…having said all that I live in the snow and cold, I don’t become a hermit…I work with it…it is what it is! 😉

  9. Q: What does a duck in water have in common with you and your camera?

    A: They are both naturals in their element.

    Simply lovely images Laurie! OH! After our mini snow storm I was finally able to catch sparkles! There is a trick to it… You have to get out there at sunrise and catch those oblique rays; right?
    (At least, that is what worked for me this week. 😉 )

    • I somehow missed this comment, Lynda, but I love it! Thank you so much for encouraging me, and I look forward to seeing your sparkle pictures!!

  10. The only St. Albans I’ve spent any time in is in Vermont, and it looks like you are there! Your enthusiasm for the snow is irresistible. I am so glad you’ve been able to play in record-breaking winterness without any of the inconveniences you listed. I agree with you that it’s silly for a whole city to send everyone home at the same time. That would make for hellish rush hour even on a good weather day.

  11. I absolutely love your photographs. The snow looks almost sensual the way you’ve captured it. And your humor shines through too. Just lovely. I actually miss snow! And seasons, in general. 🙂

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