Additions to the Shrine

A few months after the wreck, I realized that I had unintentionally created a shrine of sorts, to the bike.


The shrine contains the helmet I’ll never be able to use again;

the one remaining glove, the other left behind in that intersection;

the photo of me, taken on the morning of my last ride on that bike,

the camera that somehow survived,

and a box filled with the many, many cards I was so grateful to have received.


How nice that, through the joy of blogging on WordPress, I was gifted with wonderful additions to that collection.  Debby, from Apple Moon Creations, sent me what I like to call Book Art.  She folds the pages of books into familiar and favorite things.

For me: a motorcycle and a camera


Debby is so clever and if you want to know how she folds these books into art, check out this link.



Debby made the comment that it is hard to photograph a folded book and I very much agree!


Blogging has brought gifts of friendship, and more blessings than I ever thought imaginable.  In addition to the connections with people from all over the world, I have gained insight, been inspired, and grown as a photographer.

Thank you so much, Debby!  Everyone – please check out Apple Moon Creations!


I’m grateful, my blogging friends, for your incredible words of support, love, healing, and care since my motorcycle wreck.  These are the unexpected blessings of blogging.  You all bring joy to my life through your gorgeous photography, your beautifully written words, your stimulating ideas, and your love for the world at large.

Thank You.


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